Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Four-In-Art: That's a Wrap

 It was an amazing run.  5 years of creating Mini Art Quilts.  Each quarter or so a different theme.  Elizabeth at Occasional Piece Quilt got us started those years ago.  I was just happy to play along.  We had some change overs of various members, but all have had fabulous contributions along the way.

This post is to recap those years and quilts.  I do not love them all. (what do I do with them!!??)  Some I had actually forgotten about until I was gathering pictures for this post.  

The first year: Nature: 2012-2013

Year 2:Urban:  2013-2014 This year we did Five, to make our year match the calendar

Year 3: 2015 The Overall theme this year was Literature, and we all did our own things.  I ended up doing children's stories.

Year 4: 2016 Color 
This year we decided that the quilts didn't have to be 12" x 12"

Year 5: 2017 Light

It was really great to be a part of this group.

It is really great to be moving on to other things.

2018 is going to be a sabbatical year of sorts for me.  I've finished up pretty much all of my committee obligations for various activities.  I am only going to participate in one quilting thing next year. (Gridsters, yay!).  With the 5 kids being very involved in many activities and none old enough to drive yet, I am main taxi driver.  I also have things "around the house" I want to get done.  (I shampooed carpets last week.  That makes me happier than you will ever know)

And selfish sewing.  Things that I WANT to do, not the things I feel like I HAVE to do. 

Thanks for reading this blog of mine.  I'm hoping to be a little more regular with it.  I also really need to do some maintenance on it!


Regina said...

What is gridsters? Inquiring minds want to know.

Catherine said...

My absolute favourites are your violin quilt and queen anne's lace, but you always really inspired me with your adventurousness and willingness to take on something different!