Friday, September 30, 2016

Pincushions - A Small Finish

 Still no finish post for the Minecraft quilt.  The weather here has not been cooperating.  I'm so happy for the cooler temperatures, but I could do with out the rain and wind and clouds.

So, onto a backlog of projects I've done over the summer.  Today I'm sharing two pincushions I made being directly inspired by Crazy Mom Quilts who did a pin cushion everyday in July.

 First up, a small selvedge cushion with the fuzzy edges.  I sewed the selvedges to a foundation fabric, interfaced top and bottom, then stuffed with crushed walnut shells.  E has claimed this one.
While I do think its a super cute pincushion, I wouldn't recommend using fabrics with the gold (or any other) colors printed on.  They are essentially thick areas of paint, not very kind to pins.  I won't use them again.

 The other one I made is long and skinny.  Fits perfectly in front of my sewing machine.  I actually need to open an end back up and put in more filling.  It is a bit floppy.  This one was made completely from scraps laying around on my table. 

I'm also linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Friday - I haven't done that in ages!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Matrix Quilt: Hooray for Hollywood

Our Guild Quilt Challenge was due last night at our meeting.  This year's theme was "Hooray for Hollywood".  I've known since it was announced in January what kind of quilt I wanted to do. 

I started it Friday.

You see, I've been working diligently for the last month on WD's birthday Minecraft quilt.  I was doing the last of the quilting on Thursday when I decided two things. 1. The Minecraft quilt would not be done before his birthday and 2. I really wanted to make the Matrix quilt.

 So, I did.  I found the Matrix font online, downloaded it and created the design in Word.  Then I transferred the design to the Silhouette program. (I got it last Christmas)
 Then I put a paper backed iron-on fusible on the black fabric and ran it through the cutting machine. 
 I did four 12x12 blocks of black fabric and then a 6 x 12 piece for the words.
 I pieced them together after peeling the paper, so no ironing seams!  Then I fused the whole black piece to a piece of green ombre.  Starting the top at the dark.

I spray basted the three layers, and then pinned over the top a neon green netting.  I bought that on Sunday!  Did the (roughly) straight line quilting on Sunday night and put the binding on Monday afternoon.  Ready for voting at 6:30 last night!
 In a fun twist, the backing is about as opposite from The Matrix as you can get, but I'm all about using things up!  It finished up at 22.5 x 23.5

*I did some Google searches before I started, but I couldn't find another Matrix quilt, so I might quite possibly have a one-of-a-kind quilt here.

*At the meeting last night one of my fellow members exclaimed "Rachel! I know the Matrix quilt is yours because you're such a nerd!"

*You can find the Wikipedia article on The Matrix Movie here. - There were actually three, plus other franchising, as well.

*It's going to go hang up in our garage upstairs, where Mr. Riley plays games with friends.  I can't wait until they see it!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Upcoming Projects: Quilts and Clothing

 A glimpse of some up and coming projects I've got in the works. 
First up will be a signature quilt for a friend adopting a girl from China.  This is their second adoption from that country and are there Right Now.  The quilt will not be done when they get back.

 I am using two jelly rolls of Gooseberry by Lella Boutique
 And lots of signature squares.  Lots and lots.  More than I anticipated.  This is a good thing!

 When I was in Pella, IA in August I stopped in their local quilt store, lovely place!  And picked up the above pattern.  I think it will be my next hand work project.  I didn't buy any fabric because A. I have so much and B. I have a ton of blue and blue and white.  Case in point:
 These fabrics came out of my mother's stash.  I've never known what to do with it, so I think I'll pair it with the Dutch embroidery.
And lastly I picked up this pattern and fabric at our new Joann Fabrics today.  I was disapointed in my treatment: basically the lady at the cutting counter assumed I didn't know what I was doing - hate that.  But I'm thinking maybe this top for Thanksgiving?  I've got a whole pile of clothing patterns and fabric I'd like to get to.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

WIP Wednesday 9.21.16 Minecraft Quilt

Ready for a completely up-to-date and accurate WIP Wednesday?  This is what my table looks like Right Now!
 If you follow me on Instagram (rachel-thelifeofriley) you've been seeing these blocks as they've been finished.  I started quilting the quilt last night.
 WD, second child in the family, requested a Minecraft Quilt for his birthday.  Minecraft is a VERY popular game, available on all platforms.  All of my kids (sans youngest) play it.
 There are many Minecraft Quilts out there.   (Stick)
 WD chose which 12 blocks he wanted and we I designed them in EQ7.  The game is 8 bit, so pixelated in appearance, which gives rise to easy to make blocks.  (diamond pick axe)
 Well, sort of.  They are really  16x16, which I originally thought I would piece all as squares.  (insert manical laugh here).  I think that is probably why I put it off for so long.  I knew it would take FOREVER to make a single block.  16x16 = 256.
 So then I got the brilliant idea of doing horizontal strips.  It has worked really well.  A single square finishes at 1.5".  The blocks themselves finish at 24". (redstone)
 (apple)   The whole top is done, the quilt basted and I've started the quilting.
 (sugar)  FYI Not all the blocks are pictured here.  I'll save some for later.
 (coal)  The boy's birthday is Saturday.  I'm working toward finishing by then, but seriously, no guarantees. 
 (stone sword)  The funniest thing?  As I started quilting last night, WD says "mom, what are all those white thread lines you're putting on there? Not that I'm complaining...."  so I had to explain to him why quilts have quilting, and when it was all done, they wouldn't be very noticeable.  At least I hope not....
 (Steve)  I want to know why he's cross-eyed.  He was the easiest block, though, because WD didn't want him pixelated, thought he looked too weird.  I still added some interest in his hair, though.
(creeper, unfinished)

It's a rainy day here, and I've got no where else to go besides picking up kids from school, so maybe I can get lots of quilting done.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sample Party: Lots of pictures

 For the past couple of years (I don't remember exactly) I've been making samples for a quilt shop.
 They would send me all the fabric, batting and pattern.  I put it together and sent it back.
 Right about the time I decided to quit, they decided to retire - so it all worked out.
 I received all my samples back in the mail last week.
 I've blogged some in the past, and not others.  These pictures are a selection that I've either not blogged, or don't remember.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Bristol Renaissance Faire 2016 Revisited

I know I've already done a few posts on our visit to Bristol RenFaire, but we went for a second time on Labor Day.

 In the past it used to be free for children on the last weekend.  It was not this year, but we went anyway.  And, I made a completely new costume for myself, since everyone else had their costumes done and ready to go.

 So much to everyone's surprise, myself included, I made a corset and a new skirt using the McCalls costume pattern 6911.
The details: The corset is a fabric from Joann Fabrics Casa line, and I lined it with a quilting cotton!
It also has boning, which I had never done before, so I enjoyed the challenge and it seemed to have turned out OK.
Here's Matilda showing off the outfit outside today.  Since she is red, I put a t-shirt on her so you can see the corset.
I had to apply a total of 20 gromets.  Corsets are sort of a "thing" at RenFaire, all shapes and sizes of ladies can be found wearing them.
 The skirt is paneled with an invisible zip in the back.  (I know, no zippers in the Renaissance, but hey, no credit cards, either, and the merchants are more than happy to take those!)  I made the skirt out of a sort of suede look-a-like.  Our local Joann was closing to relocate, and clearing out everything, so I was able to get some good deals.
 I even added beaded trim, which I was able to get at 70% off.  Otherwise, I'm not sure I would have considered it, that stuff is expensive!  The pattern tells you to line the skirt.  I didn't bother.  It was full and heavy enough without the lining - especially for wearing midsummer.
 I did, however wear my crinoline slip from my wedding!  It's one of those things I've debated for years about whether I should keep it  or not, so finally 20 years later, it has new life!
 My mom did ribbon embroidery on it for my "something blue".
 I should also note that this guy changed up his look for the second trip.  No more barbarian, just a "pheasant" (peasant).  These were items already in the costume pile.

 So here's me and Mr. Riley.  We celebrated 20 years of marriage this summer.  Love this guy!