Thursday, June 23, 2016

Vacation Textiles and Inspiration: Post 2

 First we'll start with some more historical sewing/textiles and then move on to inspirations.

 This is a German Bi-plane in the National Air and Space Museum.  I first noticed it because of the "camouflage" pattern on it.
 Then I found this display of a German woman sewing the fabric to make the wings! You can just see the treadle behind the standing officer.  There was also a propaganda poster about German women donating their hair to make belts for machinery because the Germans were unable to get rubber by the end of WWI.
 The adjustable dress form, above, and small sewing machine, below, were both in the National Museum of American History in the patent display.

On to some inspirations:
 Floor in the WWI Washington DC Memorial.  We were there just after Memorial Day, so there were many floral decorations at the various monuments and memorials.
 The beautiful ceiling in Union Station, Washington, DC.
 My Three Sons.
 The planetary symbols in the National Air and Space Museum.  Very graphic, and I loved the way they glowed.
 Rug in one of our rental houses.
 Hexagon tile Colonial People at Colonial Williamsburg.  These were at the bathroom entrances! (I had a son take the man's picture)

 Also at Williamsburg, the back side of the (rebuilt) Capitol Building.
 The patchwork of tiles on the Space Shuttle Discovery.
 They show all the abrasion from it's last trip to space and back.
I'm not sure what the white pieces are made of, (the black I believe are some kind of ceramic) but they look quilted.
 And now my speech on why sewing matters!  These photos are of Space Lab.
 It is a big room deployed out of the top of the space shuttle for the astronauts to do various experiments while in space.  All those squares?  They are SEWN! Together!  SOMEONE HAD TO SEW SPACE LAB TOGETHER!!!!!!
 Also, all those "dots"? They are buttons, for cording to be wrapped around.  Each one had to be SEWN ON!  Off the soap box, now.

And a wee bit of vacation shopping.  I found a quilt store literally down the road from our rental house, so I stopped in.  Picked up a couple of patterns and a couple yards of fabric.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Vacation Textiles and Inspiration: post 1

 This will have to be post 1 of 2, because I realized I have lots of pictures and lots to say, so I'll split it up in a couple of posts.

As mentioned previously, our vacation started in Gettysburg, PA.  There is a very large and rather new museum, due to the 150th anniversary of the American Civil War.

 The above is just one example of the many banners and flags that were made for the various companies of fighting men.  The palmetto is still found on South Carolina's license plate.

I've heard lots about a Soldier's Housewife (sewing kit). It was great to see one in good condition and good provenance.

 A little history for you about textiles during the American Civil War.  The war also affected textile availability in the North as well.  Books have been written on it, so I will spare you a lecture.

 The next battlefield we visited was Antietam.  Smaller battlefield and smaller museum, but a gem of a find!
 A Civil War signature quilt! 

 In mint condition!  Isn't it beautiful?  These kinds of quilts were made to raise money.  People would pay to write their names and then the whole quilt would be auctioned off.
 It was pretty obviously never used.  The Reds are still bright, and the signatures very readable.

 And the exquisite stitching!
 I think that's all I've got for textiles.  Tomorrow will be a bit more about inspiration.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Vacay 2016 Recap Post #3

 Just a few more things to share.  While staying in Virginia, we went to Norfolk to the Nauticus Museum and the Battleship USS Wisconsin.  That was a great place to visit with the kids.  Lots of hands on activities, an aquarium area, sharks to pet, underwater robots to build and pilot, we watched a 3D (not scary) movie about the Great White Shark.

 I wanted to include this shot of E fetching one of the kayaks.  We did some kayaking, got to see osprey nests and chicks, blue crabs, and even some jelly fish!  I (obviously) did not take my phone during kayaking sessions.
  We also visited Colonial Williamsburg.  Confession: We weren't blown away.  For the amount of money we spent, we just didn't feel like we had an amazing experience.
 We did, of course, put the kids in the stocks.
When we are on the coast we try to each as much seafood as possible.  The last night we grilled oysters and shrimp and I made fresh crab cakes.
 On the way home, we stopped in the Shenandoah National Park.  Beautiful, of course.  We collect patches from all the places we visit.  I'll share our board once its updated.

A little fun at Steak N Shake on the way home.  We don't have them in WI, so its fun and yummy to stop on vacation.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Vacay 2016 Recap Post #2

Perhaps the boys' favorite part of visiting DC was the subway rides.
Smooth enough for a nap.

The girls got these shirts for Christmas, they're perfect.
We visited the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. Wright Flyer above.  I felt like most of this museum got left in the early 90's. There were some drones on display, and a room on space exploration, but the rest hadn't changed.  Some of the displays were even burned out.
Then, on our way out of town, we decided to see the rest of the Air and Space Museum.  Also known as:  Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center  Our vacations often are fairly unplanned.  There we saw the Black Bird pictured above,
And the Space Shuttle Discovery.  That was pretty neat.  We've been to lots of air and space places, but missed the shuttle in Florida because it wasn't open.  I do feel that we've seen every kind of flying thing there is to see, at this point.

We continued on toward Virgina stopping at Manassas Battlefield (aka Bull Run).  A much smaller battlefield, but very important.  Basically the first battle of the civil war.  Everyone thought it might be the only battle.  Didn't work out that way, though.

And finally Virginia and the beach.  I will spare you all the beach pictures.  One can only look at so much sand and water.
The best decision was to rent a house with a pool.  The kids would go from the beach, into the pool!