Monday, February 13, 2017

Random Projects

A few random projects I've been working on.
Mending.  No fun at all, but Mini really loves this dress, so I fixed a tear in the lace.
This is a wrap towel I use when we go to the YMCA.  I am always afraid it will get tossed in the Y laundry since its white.  I sewed some orange ribbon on it to make it more visible.

Still working on the hexies - the Ten Year Project.  Si turns 7 this year - so I've got three years left to get it finished!
I have received all of my Spelling Bee words.  I have a list of seven more that I want to add before I put it together.

 I pulled this old cross stitch project out the other day.  It is clearly almost done.  I quit because I couldn't do french knots.  I know how, now, so I really must get this done.  You are supposed to couch yarn on the front, but I think I will skip that part.  Just need to finish up back stitching. 

Friday, February 10, 2017

Gridster Bee: January and February Blocks

I know I've mentioned it a couple of times before, but I'm finally writing an actual post about the new bee I'm in for 2017.  It is the Gridster Bee - because we are "Hip, adventurous quilters who love the grid"  We are also encouraged to try something new.  In January Susan asked for New York Beauty blocks in pink, black, white, yellow, red and blue.
Having never made a New York Beauty block before that is when I conceived my idea of practice blocks leading to a sampler for myself at the end of the year.

This was my very large fabric pull for the blocks.
And my two finishes!

In February Sherri asked for a Pineapple block.
Fun and easy!  One for her and one for me!

My month is May (my birthday month!)  I'm thinking of asking for bees.  I made this one above as a test.  I haven't decided for sure.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Leftover Lighthouses

If you remember a couple of weeks ago I shared a Lighthouse Wall hanging that I had made based on our Quilt Guild's logo.  I had some extra pieces from that experiment as I had tried to get the size of the lighthouse right, and then also the "negative" of the Lighthouse.  I turned them all into mini quilts.
The back of each one is the same.  I added the little hanging triangles on the back -  you insert a dowel across and then a loop to hang on a nail.

These will all be going for sale in our quilt show "boutique" this fall.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Temperature Quilt 2017: January

Finally sitting down to write up some blog posts.

January is all done -  and so are the blocks for my temperature quilt.
You can see we had a couple of freak warm days in there.

I posted the following pictures on Instagram for some feedback on background choices.  Chocolate, dark chocolate and pink!  I confess I'm leaning toward pink.

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Four-in-Art Quarter 1: Light, Shimmer, Lips!

It's reveal day! Quarter one for Four-in-Art.  This year's theme is Light and our first quarter is Shimmer.

There isn't too much to say about this quilt.

I was rather stumped as to what I should do this time around, so I went to the web and searched on Shimmer.  Most things referred to how a shimmer is perceived - brighter and darker - but one image really stood out to me.

Lips! With Glitter!  So I went with something fun.
(as far as I could find, this was an open source picture.  If I find out otherwise, I'll be happy to acknowledge the source)

I do usually try to do something in each art quilt that I've not tried before.  So this one has printing directly onto fabric - I used my color printer and Kona White fabric.
The threads for quilting were primarily Invisifil because they have a nice shine to them.  The lips were outline quilted with a gold metallic - but its rather lost in the glitter.

I also experimented a bit with some trapunto.

The lips were at first somewhat shriveled

So I pumped them up.  Too much!  The whole quilt was distorted.
A little goes a long way with trapunto.

The shimmer did print fairly well - but I thought I'd go all out for the shine - so glitter it was! A golden tone on the lips and a white "diamond" on the borders.
I took this shot in direct sunlight - trying to catch some of the shimmer from the glitter.  You'll have to take my word for it that this quilt really shines.

I'm not terribly thrilled with my attempts at a facing - the corners need some work.

The fairly boring back.  At least I matched my facing to the backing.  I plan on stitching on my label to hide the trapunto openings.  I barely got this quilt finished in time - so no label yet!

This little quilt finished up at 12" x 12".  I think I'm back to the smaller shape this year - after trying bigger last year.

Please check out all my mates playing along.

Bette Ayers
Camilla Cathro
Elizabeth Eastmond
Janine Green
Nancy Myers
Rachel Riley
Simone Bradford
Catherine                                        knottedcotton

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Really Random Thursday 1.12.17

Quick!  A blog post, while I have a few minutes.  Crazy that I can blog 6 times last week and barely get to it this week.  Part of it is that I don't have a lot of sewing that I can share right now.

I spent all day sewing Saturday at studio sewing time with other quilters.  9:30-8:30, stopping a bit for eating.  But I can't really show you any of it.  SECRET SEWING (not the kind that gets published, the kind that gets gifted) The above picture is the best I can share.  Overall there will be 30 blocks - all fusible applique - stitched down.  It takes a while!
In other sewing news, I did make my first ever New York Beauty block.  Practice for our new Gridster Bee (I may have shared this already)  I also made the bee blocks.  I'll share them soon.

And also for sewing, I made my first week of the Temperature Quilt 2017.  We had temps ranging from 43 to -2 Fahrenheit.  I think this week will be just as diverse.
 On the kitten front, they are more adorable everyday.  They are starting to explore outside of their "nest", but are still confined to the bathroom for safety.
 They are also rather camera shy, and I don't want to blind them with the flash, so somewhat hard to photograph.  The above is two shots each of two of the kittens.  One wouldn't look at me. They are already developing personalities, which is interesting to see.

 I shared my new plan for meals on IG.  The kids drive me crazy asking (5 times) everyday.  It is also good because it helps me plan my weekly meals - no last minute "What am I going to make today?"  Someone suggested a kid might take over and write in McDonald's (Culvers in our case)  but instead, this happened:

Burritos is definitely a favorite around here.

 At work Mr. Riley always has flavored water in the cafeteria - and the kids always want to know the weird combinations of the day.  I opened this at Christmas and initially thought I wouldn't do anything with it.  But it is rather fun to try out different infusions.  So far my favorite is strawberry.  I suppose it gets me drinking more water, too.

One last sewing thing.  I'm trying to do something with these extra lighthouse pieces.  They are all set to be quilted into minis.  Perhaps I'll push on tonight.

Friday, January 6, 2017

The Temperaure Quilt 2017 Quilt Along

I mentioned a couple of posts ago I was debating about doing a Temperature Quilt this year.  I mentioned it on Instagram, too, and between the two, at least three people expressed that they wanted to do it too!  So I guess I'm making it official.
So lets talk about a couple things if you want to play along.

1. Fabrics.  You will need a range of fabrics representing the range of temperatures for where you live.  You can usually find your extremes by a web search.  Here in WI I'm ready for a range of:
-20 through 109 degrees Farenheit.  I've assigned them every 5 degrees for more interest.  You could do every 10 degrees and use less fabric.  Maybe if you live in a place that doesn't change much you could do every 1 or 2 degrees.

2. Timing.  I found it worked best to do blocks for a week at a time.  Usually on Sunday afternoons I would pull out the fabrics, write down the numbers for the week and then make the blocks. Two weeks is doable, but more than that takes a while. 

3. Getting your information.  I would recommend getting your temperature from a consistent source.  Where I live it matters quite a bit, because Lake Michigan causes something called "Lake Effect" which means the closer you are to the lake, the more the weather and temperatures can change.  Generally cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.  I really like Weather Underground because they keep a historical calendar, so you can look up all the past information you need.

4. Rules.  Well, there aren't really any. At least not yet.  If I get enough interest I'll see what I can do about prizes and motivation and such.  I will for sure write a post once a month for progress and encouragement.

This was my original mock-up from 2014.  My quilt turned out pretty close.  I only did each day's high.

The following is loosely what I'm planning.  I will for sure do half square triangles for highs and lows.  I will not do so much sashing (the grey) if any at all.  I consider this an evolving project.
 Here are some other ideas for you to check out.
The half square triangles are for highs and lows.  Each vertical row is a month.
 Vertical rows, no sashing.
 Vertical rows, sashing, highs only.

This quilt along is really quite free form - the few people I've talked to have different ideas they are trying out.  Hexies and diamonds have both been brought up.

So, if you are interested - go ahead and leave a comment on this blog post - or on Instagram.  We'll use the hashtag #tempquilt17.  Tell all your friends.  If it gets bigger than a few comments - I'll look into an official sign up sheet.

If you comment below, make sure you are NOT a no-reply blogger.  If you are, I cannot reply back to you.