Monday, November 23, 2015

Sewvember Part 2

 For lack of other blogging ideas today.  I'll keep you all updated with my participation in Sewvember, hosted by Bimble and Pimble.

 Day 13: Style  Mine is all over the place.
 Day 14: Help!  I posted this sort of as a joke for help for fabric intervention, but in reality, none of these packages are fabric.  I will probably, however, start a new fabric fast in the new year.
 Day 15: Heirloom.  I have been entrusted with a number of quilts and tops from my Father in Law, made my his grandmother.  These are just a couple favorites.
 Day 16: UFO  My oldest UFO to date.  15 years.  45 hand pieced log cabins.  None are the same size.
 Day 17: Solids or Prints:  I tend toward prints, even if they read as solids.  Even in nature you rarely see a true solid, there is always shadow and shading.
 Day 18: Dream project.  So I posted this on the 18th.  I've had the pattern and fabric for ???  With lots of encouragement, I've gotten it all cut out and ready to start assembling!
 Day 19: Workhorse.  My trusty Husqvarna.  Sews Leather and lace.
 Day 20: Tried and True.  It always comes back to simple square patchwork.  1-patch, 4-patch, 9-patch, 16-patch, even pixelated is just square patchwork.
 Day 21: Best Part.  The best part is giving the quilts away.  This is for a sweet baby due in about 3 weeks.
 Day 22: The vault: I like to pick up vintage patterns at the thrift stores.  I haven't made one yet, but this one is definitely on the list!  Especially after the IG conversation it started.
 Day 23: Essentials.  Pretty fabric, quality thread and good needles.  That's all I need.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Small Finishes Part 3: Fabric Take Out Box

 I think I shared this last Wednesday for WIP Wed.  Before I committed to the music fabric I wanted to try making one in another fabric.
 Here is the take out box finished (sans handle)

I will admit it is cute.  I've always thought the pattern was cute.  However, it is a lot of time.  And a lot of interfacing.  20 pieces need to be traced and cut out on the interfacing, then fused.  Sewing is the easy part! 
 I am going to rethink my plans for the Christmas Tea and the music fabric.  I won't be making take out boxes.  I don't want to commit to the hours required to make 8 of these.
 Not entirely sure what I'll do with this one yet.  Probably save it for a teacher gift.
 Christmas is coming.....

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

WIP Wednesday 11.18.15

 Most of my sewing lately has been getting this top together.
 I had originally planned to make it as a leader/ender project, but the pattern was too complicated and the pieces kept getting moved around and knocked down, so I decided to just sit down and get it pieced.
 All the (non cream) prints are French General from Moda.  Most are Chateau Rouge.  Way back when I purchased a few mystery boxes from Craftsy I ended up with a number of 2.5" charm packs.  I decided to do a traditional Triple Irish Chain.
 My photography helper today.  Also gives you a size perspective.
 Mini approved.
 With most of the left overs, I am piecing this checkerboard.  I guess I could probably make a matching pillow.  It will be 24"x24".  Admittedly this is going into the "needs to be quilted" box.  I'm not ready to finish the quilt at this point.
 The rest of my left overs.  Not too bad, I'll probably piece them into the back.
 And in other unusual WIPS, I have to patch Mr. Riley's hunting chaps.  Fortunately it doesn't have to be pretty, just functional.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Small Finishes Part 2: Violin Shoulder Rest Straps

 This is a shoulder rest for a violin (or viola).  Three of my children use one, however only one of them has room in their case.  That leaves two floating around all the time.  Always lost, always looking for one, and so on.
 Sewing mom to the rescue.  I made two fabric straps to corral the shoulder rests.
 Snaps on the ends.  One end goes around a handle, one end goes around the shoulder rest.
 Turquoise for E.
 Soccer balls for S.

 Happy Mom.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Small Finishes Part 1

 Since I've gotten a bunch of major projects done and out of the way, I've been trying to finish up some small projects waiting in the wings. 

First up was a ipad mini pouch for E's BFF A.
 This is the one (above) I made for E.  A wanted one just like it.
 I quilted it a bit different and put a pink binding on it.  She was super excited.  I love that other kids like that I sew things.

Next up was an Ipod pouch for WD, so he can put the Ipod and cords together for traveling.
 Creeper wins every time.
 Just a simple fold over.
 With velcro.

And last, for today.  My super cool design board.  Foam core board, white flannel, and duct tape.  Oh, yeah!


Friday, November 13, 2015

Schnitzel and Boo Mini Swap Finish

 I signed up for three swaps this year.  They are all complete, now. My last one went out this week, and it is the first one I'm going to share.
I made this dresden plate mini for the Schnitzel and Boo Mini Quilt Swap.
First I bought a charm pack of reproduction fabrics and picked out 10.  2 blades per color.

You may notice that I had to change up one of the fabrics after I put the blades together.  I happened to lay them against the turquoise and it just popped!  I knew where I was going after that.
(blurry picture, sorry) I then came across a pattern in Missouri Star Block Magazine that had the added triangles to make a sunburst with the dresden blades.  Brilliant.

 I made a second plate of white blades to put behind the colors.

 Making sure the white strip was what I wanted on the border.

 Hand quilting with 6 strands of floss around the edges.  I had to use pliers for the center.  Up to 8 layers of fabric in some places, plus batting!
 I used an extra white blade for the label on the back.
 As a bonus I made this little EPP mug rug, too.
 Now I'm dreaming of other dresden projects. They are super fun to make.

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