Monday, March 9, 2020

Temperature Quilt Update

I caught up my temperature quilt to March 2 last week.  I'm on the third row!  There is a certain satisfaction in growing a quilt this way!
Got up to a new highest temperature on March 1.  Over 54.  March definitely came in a like a quiet, warm lamb.  Not as many colder temperatures, either.  Although when I check the forecast I'm always secretly hoping for variations from day to day to make the quilt more interesting. :)
The process of making these Quilt As You Go Hexagons can get a bit tedious with all the folding and ironing (read about the process here) 

I was so excited to remember that a few years ago I had bought a Martelli Round About Set.  It has an ironing top and a cutting mat on a turn table. 

Now I can iron and spin.  Every time saving thing helps!

Friday, March 6, 2020

Labeling All the Quilts

If you follow me on Instagram (rachel-thelifeofriley), you may have noticed that last week I was cleaning out the linen closets.  I am fortunate to have 2 of them in the house and they are were most of the quilts that I own live. 
Step one is make piles in the hallway. With feline help. 
Since I was cleaning them out, I went through all my quilts in storage.   I got all the children's baby quilts put together and put away and went through all the rest.  Some are getting donated, a few will probably get listed on Etsy.  Most I kept 

I personally have been pretty good about labeling my quilts.  However, I do have a few quilts from my mom that were never labeled.  I think that, like me, she must have given away most of the quilts that she made.  And, unfortunately, I don't know what happened to my college quilt, which had a larger than life Marvin the Martian appliqued on one side.

Anyway, I decided that the quilts all needed to be labeled.  Here are a few of hers:
Christmas Tree Skirt
 Wall hanging
 Some Christmas wall hangings.

 Labeled and ready to go back in the closet.
 I also finally got a label on this, my first finished quilt ever.  I faithfully pull it out each December!

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Really Random Thursday 3.5.20

Finally getting a chance to sit down a blog a bit before I'm off again.  

I've had one kid home sick most of the week.  Fortunately they were all off Monday, he stayed home Tues and Wed, and only managed a half day today.  Current nickname: Captain Croup.

 I made two X+ blocks for one my Erie Street Quilter friends.  She's planning to make charity quilts with her blocks.

 I made a block of Elizabeth's own design for the Gridster Bee February. 
 She also asked for a coordinating envelope for the signature block.
 I included an extra center, because I did not initially follow the directions correctly. 

 For March, Marsha asked for a Drunkard's Path Variation. 

I've also been adding various things to my Etsy Shop.  If anyone is in the market for a vintage Fish Finder, this lovely will be listed soon. :)
To say my offerings are eclectic would be an understatement!

Monday, March 2, 2020

Charm Parade: A Quilt Finish

 A finish.  A years long finish.  I searched the blog and found the first mention of this quilt.  You can read it *here*.   The post is from November 2014! Can you believe it?  That's almost 6 whole years ago!!
The pattern is Charm Parade and was written by Cindy from Live a Colorful Life. 
Mostly Kaffe Fassett charm squares.  The border is a batik.

My cute helper squinting in the sun! 

I did some simple stitch in the ditch.  Any more than that would have been lost anyway and wanted a softer quilt.  I had the quilt stored with the backing for a long time, and had even made the binding. 

 The backing is from IKEA.  Probably six years ago!  I don't know if IKEA even makes fun prints anymore.  It seems the last few times I've looked there haven't been any. 

This particular quilt finished at 49" x 60".  Thread is navy Aurifil and batting a mystery polyester.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Family Friday: Spirit Week

It's been Spirit Week at school.  I had to share the pictures, because they're cute, and a couple took a bit of sewing. 
Mini won on day one "Camo Day".  That dress?  I found at a thrift store.  Paid $2.50.  It was an XS women's dress by Ralph Lauren!! I took off the two bottom layers of skirt and it fit Mini perfectly!  I do think that Camo Day is probably a Wisconsin thing....

 Tacky Tourist Tuesday. 
 The fanny packs were courtesy of my MIL!

 Disney Day.  Mini is Tinkerbell.  You can't see the wings, but I made them at least 10 years ago for E.  And I had to figure out the puffballs on her shoes.  Probably Mini's favorite part.
 Thank goodness Disney owns Star Wars, so we've got Obi Wan Kenobi (I was going to put a link about the cloak, but turns out I never blogged them.  Guess I'll have to work on that)
 and A Storm Trooper.
 And Throwback Thursday.  I put together a couple hippie outfits for the boys.

 And made a poodle skirt for Mini.  Every girl needs one.  It was an easy and fast project.  Probably less than an hour.  I did reference this tutorial, however I only used it for the measurements.  As an experienced sewist, the instructions weren't great... 

Thursday, February 27, 2020

A Quick Panel Quilt Finish: The Bee-Attitudes

 I quilted up a panel that I bought last year.  Are you surprised?  It's bees!  And Bible Verses!  J Wecker Frisch generally likes to put in bits of Bible verses in her designs.  This one is pretty obvious, the Beatitudes. If you want the actual list check out Matthew 5:1-12
 My biggest problem with panels is that they are never really printed straight.  To trim and bind to the printing, the quilt itself is slightly wonky.
 This is a better shot of the backing colors.  The fabric is long ago Ruby fabric from Bonnie and Camille.
 A couple close up shots of the panel.
I just did some straight line quilting and a little bit of outlining in each box with Invisafil thread.  The batting is a thin mystery polyester.

Can't wait to hang it up and celebrate spring - once St Patrick's day is done.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Updated Project List Feb 2020

I've been getting things done!  A few quilts on the finished list and some sewing for Mini!  I need to do some bee blocks and then decide on the next things to quilt. 

Finished Quilts
Blue and White Hexagon Quilt:  Blog Post *Here*
Bee-Attitudes Wall Hanging:  Need to Blog
Charm Parade:  Need to Blog

Quilts to be bound

Tops that need to be quilted:
French General Irish Chain
On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt
Baby Blue and Red Charity Quilt
Large Flower Blocks Charity Quilt
Spider Web
Blue Fairy Quilt
Star Quilt
Girl Bonnie and Camille Baby Quilt
Flower Fairy Panel
4 quilts from a friend's mom
Pixie House Quilt
Gridsterbee Christmas Blocks 
Handmaids Christmas Quilt (moved up from the TTBF)

Tops to be finished (more done than not)
10 year Hexie quilt. (I've decided to put on borders)
Another Nut House (needs more embroidery)
EPP Orbit (applique to background?)
EPP Honeycombs (applique to background?)

Blocks to be turned into tops
Eclipse (pattern by modernquiltstudio)
Sampler blocks from Gridsterbee
Blue and White Log Cabin
Ugly Quilt x 6
EPP Star Flowers (thrifted)
Stack and Whack (thrifted)
Bug Jar (thrifted)

Quilts to Start
Si Bday quilt
Possible Two Baby Quilts
Checkers Quilt Kit

Other Sewing to be done
Shorts for Mini  DONE
Pjs for Mini  DONE
Swimsuit for Mini  DONE
Curtains for Laundry Room
Hand Bell Table Covers