Thursday, October 12, 2017

Really Random Thursday 10.12.17

Since I've already sat at my computer for two hours doing various other things, like publishing a newsletter for my guild and filling out rebate forms, I figured I might as well squeeze in a blog post - I'm sure it will be a while before I write another one.  Probably the next will be for our Final Four-in-Art reveal on Nov 1.

On we go:

 WP is learning the recorder at school.  On the plus side, he is learning treble clef.  On the negative, I have to listen to it.  (sorry to my parents who had to listen to me all those years ago)
 I knew it was time to put the hummingbird feeder away when all I had were yellow jackets.
 When I manage my three mile morning walk - I see cows.
 Mr. Riley is now working in a new building.  We went to an open house to check it out.  Just a couple of shots.  The above picture is actually the Old building where the new building meets it.
 Looking to the Northeast
 Looking to the west.  Here's an article from the New York Times to read if you're so inclined.
 One of the kids took this picture.  (the pool is closed for the winter)
 Brought this praying mantis in for a night to show the kids.  Its been a couple of years since we've seen any.  One year I think we saw a dozen!
 Football continues, even in the rain.  The team always comes and applauds the audience after the games.  Its been a great experience for WD.  We couldn't have asked for better coaches. And going into the playoffs they are undefeated!
Pheasant and grouse season open soon, so we were admiring my patchwork job on the chaps.

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Bristol Renaissance Faire 2017

Its been a month since our last trip to Renfaire and almost 3 since our first trip.  We went opening weekend and closing day this year.  The only sewing that I did this year was for E.  For the first day I had the main parts of her costume done. The dress and the over dress.
We went up north the week before Renfaire, so that's all I could finish.  If I remember right, I actually had some finishing to do when we got home the night before. 

So the next few days after the Faire, I made the detachable sleeves.  I think they took as long as the dress.

Each piece had to be faced, lined, sewn and then turned right side out.   Her dress is made from Kona Cotton, Pool.  The brown is all a faux suede.

Here is the pattern that I used.
Here she is with the sleeves on.  Not sure why her eyes are closed.
The first time, Si was Link.  This was a costume he had received for his birthday.  He was pretty warm, but never complained!

 Si went as Peter Pan the second time. All costume parts I had from previous costumes.
 WP had a repeat of the barbarian.  Cool and comfortable.
 WD also repeated the Elven Archer.

 Despite her face, Mini wanted to "snuggle with WD"
Mr. Riley is wearing linen pants I made for him a while ago, but he bought himself a linen sleeveless shirt this year.  Not sure if I should be offended or relieved.....  I am wearing the same costume as last year, too.
 Si and Santiago from the Clan Tynker - one of our favorite acts to watch. 

Mini was a blue princess the first time, originally worn by E *here*
And a pink butterfly the second.

 I suppose in the realm of costumes, I need to start planning on Halloween, now.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Sewing Kit

Two years ago I made a little binding kit following Lella Boutique's Goody Goody Binding Kit instructions.

You can visit here for the original post.

I loved it.  It was cute, and I used it all the time.

But, it wasn't Perfect.  So I decided to make a new version.  I still referenced the original instructions - especially about making those zipper pouches, but I changed up some things.

First up, the outside is plether - okay, embossed vinyl.  This is because the pins and needles always poked me through the other one.   And no tie, I never tied the ties.  Too lazy.  I did a Velcro closure instead.

I made two zippered pockets, one on each side.  The open pocket was clever, but I didn't really keep a notebook in it.  Ribbon for the thread holders, a wool felt square for the needles.  Black so the needles are easier to see. 

I changed up the scissors pocket.   I added a Velcro ribbon to keep the scissors in place.  The upper ribbon is for larger scissors. 
Over all the whole kit is larger than the original.  It is definitely better than the first.  I have a couple ideas for an even better version - but it will probably take me another couple of years to get around to it.

Friday, September 29, 2017

Zippered Tote Bags

A while back (waaaaayyy back) E asked me to make her a tote bag with anchors on it.  We picked out some fabric and it sat in the bottom of my ToDo box for a while.  I think a year, maybe.  So last month I finally got motivated to get them out and done.  

I've never made a zippered tote before and I didn't follow any instructions, so there was a fair amount of finagling to get these right.  I re-did the bottoms a couple of times because the dimensions made them look weird.
I made two because I wanted to use up all the fabric.  E kept the smaller one and bestowed the larger one to me.  No complaints here.  I can always use a bag.
They have a layer of fusible fleece inside for a small amount of stability.  E's actually has a pocket inside.

The smaller measures: 20"x16"
larger: 20"x19"

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Really Random Thursday 9.28.17

How about some random projects around here - none of which really need their own blog post. 

 I pieced this top out of some table decorations I had made last year.  Its still a bit small to do anything with, so I'll have to figure out a border.
 I found this bit of patchwork in my scrap bin.  I had completely forgotten about it.  It was practice for piecing hexies.  Not sure what to do with this either.  Maybe a bag or something?
 This was a leader/ender project that I finished.  Perhaps a pillow?
 Also leader/ender project with pieces from previous quilts.  Again - awkward size, so I'm not sure what to do with it, yet.
 A quick and easy dress I made for Mini's birthday.
And a panel that I quilted up for a charity quilt.

How's that for random.
Enjoy your week.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Brown Bag Exchange Quilts: Given and Received

In my local quilt guild, there is usually some kind of challenge issued each year.  One year it was a "how many ufos can you finish", one year was 5 pointed stars (pleiades), one was "50 shades of Grey" (my Minnie for Mini)  last year was Hooray for Hollywood and my Matrix Quilt.

This year (since I'm on the board) I thought it would be fun to do more of an exchange project, something smaller, because I knew many people would be working on their "show quilts" this year.  So I organized a brown bag exchange.  You put in 5 fat quarters of your choice into a paper bag and exchanged with someone else who did the same.  You could add up to two more fabrics.

The fabrics in the bag I received were all the ones in the middle of this quilt.
The lady I exchanged with just wanted to get them out of her stash and was totally OK if the recipient of the bag just made a charity quilt.  I used a pattern out of an old M'liss Rae Hawley book as a starting point and used up every bit of the fabric I was given.  I added the border.  It is the reverse of the fabric I used for the back.

I just did some wavy walking foot quilting along the seam lines.  I pieced the extra blocks into the back.  I think my recipient was pleased.

I can't find my measurements for it, but its a decent baby sized quilt.

As for my bag, I had put in some Kaffe Fassett fat quarters plus a blue and yellow.  I received this lovely top in exchange.  I can't wait to get it quilted up (in a while....)

It is all applique, with 3D applique flowers.  Definitely something I don't do myself, so it was a nice surprise.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Mini's Ladybug Dress McCalls 5033

 It's been a couple of months since I actually made this dress for Mini - but you know, that whole sitting down and blogging thing.
We were in the Hobbit Lobby and she spied the fabric - pulled the bolt down all by herself and asked for it.  I said sure and got two yards.  On the way home the crying started.  She didn't understand why it wasn't a dress NOW!  Why couldn't we go home and she could put it on.  Heart rending sobs by the time I parked the car and went in the house.

She was mollified a bit when I pulled out the patterns and she picked one.  She asked all the time when I was going to work on it.  Like every couple of hours.
When I finally got around to cutting it out, I didn't have enough (of course)  so back to the store. I went to a different location of Hobby Lobby and you can see the difference in the fabric printing. At least they look the same on the front.

She loves the dress and wears it regularly.

 And its great for spinning with a big circle skirt.