Friday, May 1, 2020

Mothra - A Foundation Pieced Project

At the beginning of April maybe end of March, Sarah of Pitchers Boutique, was looking for some pattern tester volunteers.  I usually miss out, but I think this time around I was probably the only one who was willing to do something like Mothra!  She is a Kaiju from the same "family" as Godzilla and Gamera.  I knew about her thanks to my geeky family.
Anyway, I was send the amazingly detailed foundation piecing pattern and set to work.  I started with the eye.
This is my set up for foundation piecing.  Best invention ever?  The add a quarter ruler!!  I may need an Add an Eighth, now, too.

 I crease the fabric folds with my thumb, and after a couple days working on this, noticed I had worn down the nail from friction.
 All the pieces laid out.   This is by far the most complicated foundation paper piecing I've ever done.
 Found a mistake as I was putting things together.   I forgot to add color and went straight to back ground.
 And here she is, all put together.  I did the 30 x 30 version.   I don't have definite plans for her yet.  It was a fun thing to do and a great challenge.  You really need to visit the Pitcher's Boutique shop.  Lots of free and reasonably price patterns and such a huge variety!

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Really Random Wednesday 4.29.20

 Yep, we've been home for so long I've made Bacon Fat Cookies.
 They were a hit!
 I made my first foccacia loaf.  I will try again and with less salt.  There were no leftovers, though.
Do you remember this quilt?  Well, its needed some repairs for a while, and I haven't wanted to do it.  At all.  Its like altering a dress, I'd almost rather start from scratch.  BUT... hubby works out of a camper and wanted a background for his online meetings that didn't scream CAMPER, so I suggested hanging his quilt - which meant I had to repair it.
So I did.  Took me 20 minutes tops.  Figures. 
Silly pictures of Mini with a basket for a head.
 I shared on social media how excited I was to have a second fridge in our garage.  I don't think I've ever gotten so many comments.  Everyone agreed that a second fridge is the best!

Monday, April 27, 2020

Elvira Quarantine Quilt A Long

 Waaay back on March 22 (seems a long time ago, for sure) Gudrun Erla of GEDesigns did a Quarantine Quilt Along on her Facebook page.  The pattern was Elvira , which she made available for free.  I thought it would be a fun thing to do and a good way to remember the time of #saferathome  Little did I know we would be kept at home for so long. 

I believe she's planning another round, with a different pattern for May 3.
 I decided this was an excellent opportunity to use up two fat quarter stacks that I had.  Both were from Wisconsin fabrics from Wisconsin Quilt Store Shop Hops.  One was 2014 and one 2015.  I don't think they were by the same designers, but the colors were so close that they worked well together.  And since the blocks were big, it was a perfect chance to showcase some of the larger prints.
BTW, the honeybee is the Wisconsin State Insect!!
 This was one of the prints - vintage postcards from around Wisconsin.
 I did end up adding in three or four neutrals to get the fat quarter count up to queen size. 
 Very easy blocks and a super efficient way to use fat quarters.  Its is a very well designed pattern.  So good, I may even consider making it again.
There was no way I was going to actually get it done in one day - many people did!  I think it took me a week to get it all put together. 

 Here it is on the bed when I found the mistake!!
It's really the only directional fabric in the whole bunch, but the two blocks with it were opposite, so it had to be moved.  Especially given where it is on the quilt.  I would have seen it every time I walked in the room!
These were a couple pieces I saved for the backing, because I didn't want them cut up.

 My back is pieced and ready to go.  It is pretty crazy!  I even got some cows and pigs on the back.  I'll share better when I get the whole thing quilted.
 Right now I am waiting for batting to arrive at my home.  I have a number of quilts ready to go, just need batting!

Friday, April 24, 2020

Mini-Dresden and Temperature Quilt Update

 Thanks to previous blog records, I can say with certainty that I've been working on this project now for two years.  Almost exactly two years.  Started it in April 2018.
I decided to count the finished plates.  There are 185 plates in total.  I hadn't counted them before.  I'm not sure I should have counted them.....

Only 30 are appliqued.  OK, actually 29.25.
The truth is that I don't do a lot of sit and stitch lately, so I'm trying to be more deliberate about working on them when I am sitting in front of TV.
Last week when I was trying to organize projects and do some cleaning up, I went ahead and cut (all?) the background squares.  Applique on!

Hopefully our trip to Florida will happen - lots of car stitching time.

Some helpers getting a photo of the Temperature Quilt.  It was too windy, otherwise.  Here I am showing through April 13.  I've switched to a green background for Spring.  I believe it is Kona "Pear"  At the top you can see one day with yellow/orange.  That was our outlier of 79 degrees!

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

6 Charity Quilts and a List Update

I'll share my latest finishes.  A pile of charity quilts that I will be holding on to until our guild can meet again. 

 This one was fun because the middle block came from a friend of mine and I asked for it because she was GOING TO THROW IT AWAY!!  So I built a baby quilt around the block.

 This top came from a friend's mom after she passed.  I just did the quilting. 
 Above and below started from clearance charm packs I got from Connecting Threads years ago.  Glad to sew them up into something useful.

This one is around twin size.  All flower fabrics that I cut up from my extensive stash. 

Finished Quilts
Blue and White Hexagon Quilt:  Blog Post *Here*
Bee-Attitudes Wall Hanging:  Blog Post *Here*
Charm Parade:  Blog Post *Here*
Charity Quilts:  Blog Post Today
Christmas Panel:  Need to Blog

Tops that need to be quilted:
French General Irish Chain
On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt
Spider Web
Blue Fairy Quilt
Star Quilt
Girl Bonnie and Camille Baby Quilt
Flower Fairy Panel
3 quilts from a friend's mom
Pixie House Quilt
Gridsterbee Christmas Blocks 
Handmaids Christmas Quilt 
Ugly Quilt x 2 (Moved up from Blocks)
Quarantine Quilt Along (NEW)

Tops to be finished (more done than not)
10 year Hexie quilt. (I've decided to put on borders)
Another Nut House (needs more embroidery)
EPP Orbit (applique to background?)
EPP Honeycombs (applique to background?)

Blocks to be turned into tops
Eclipse (pattern by modernquiltstudio)
Sampler blocks from Gridsterbee
Blue and White Log Cabin
EPP Star Flowers (thrifted)
Stack and Whack (thrifted)
Bug Jar (thrifted)

Quilts to Start
Si Bday quilt
Possible Two Baby Quilts
Checkers Quilt Kit

Other Sewing to be done
Shorts for Mini  DONE
Pjs for Mini  DONE
Swimsuit for Mini  DONE
Curtains for Laundry Room
Hand Bell Table Covers

Long Term  Projects
2020 Temperature Quilt
Mini Dresdens
1.5" Leader/enders

Monday, April 20, 2020

A Life Altering 6 Weeks of Blog Land

It looks like its been about 6 weeks since I last blogged.  
What a six weeks it has been!  

We've officially been #saferathome now for 37 days.

What's been happening around here?  Well, we are certainly into a new kind of routine.  I'll give a brief rundown for friends and family who read this here blog.

All the kids are doing "School at Home".  (I consider this much different that Homeschooling)  As such I do a lot of facilitating for the younger three to help with watching pre-recorded lectures, zoom meetings and work alone papers and projects. 

The older two are also doing online schooling, but (fortunately) don't need much from me.  They already had school issued Chromebooks, so the transition hasn't been too terrible.  Awkward for classes like choir and basic electronics, but they are making it work.  

In general mornings are school work and afternoons are outside time/yard work/screen time, etc.  
 We have 10 acres, so there is Always work to do.  Especially spring clean up.
 We are on our fifth burn pile already, this year.  We've been doing a lot of brush clearing that hasn't been done in a while. 
Everyone loves "bombfire" days because its guaranteed s'mores.

 We did a beach trip one day, but it was cold and windy by the lake, and we couldn't play on the playground.  But it was nice to be out.

 Si celebrated his 10th birthday during week 1 of Stayathome.  He was sad that he couldn't share it with his classmates.  If you're wondering the cake is from "Legend of Zelda"

 The obligatory mask picture.  I made some and donated them. 
 Ballet classes are by Zoom now, as is class meetings, string lessons and even the youth group kids hangouts.  (Husband deals a lot with Zoom at work, so its almost a naughty word in the house)
 We made a big deal of April Fool's this year to change it up and have some fun.  Lots of googly eyes were applied to foods and other kitchen items.
 The boys were barricaded into their room overnight.
 I made an April Fool's Cake - recipe courtesy of Taste of Home The frosting is melted mozarella!
 Mr. Bean made a couple of appearances in the house.  I must say the toilet one was pretty funny.

 I got a new set of bees.  Decided to try three hives this year, with hubby's encouragement.  I actually have already lost one (long story), but have just ordered another package that will come in May.  Hubby has been super into it this year, even donning his own jacket and doing inspections with me.  I love it!
I've also been doing a lot of Etsy sales. ( Riley Acres if you're interested)   So much business that I needed a new batch of thread conditioners last week.  I've also been helping WD sell antique fishing gear.  

So that pretty much catches us all up.
And, oh yes.  I have been sewing.  Quite a bit actually.  But I don't think that's because I have "so much time on my hands".  Every time I see a suggestion of what to do with my "extra time" I don't know whether to laugh or cry!  I'll start sharing some of the sewing stuff next blog post.