Wednesday, July 22, 2015

WIP Wednesday 7.22.15

Today's goal is to finish three quilts.  Yep.  Seriously.  Fortunately they are all small and all pretty close to the end.  Let's take a look:

 First up: Miss Chickie.  Just needs three hanging tabs sewn to the top.  That's a 15 minute project. 
 The pumpkin needs the binding sewn down and then the tabs.  All good pool-side hand work. 
 I'm also working on my next Four-In-Art Quilt.  Would really like to get it done today, although its not the end of the world if I don't. 

Here are two hints for it.

 See?  All the quilting is done ;)

 Ooooo, I also did my first sewing with selvages.  Yep, pretty fun and addicting.  Now I'm wondering what else to do with them!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

WIP Wednesday 7.15.15

 WIP Wednesday once again.  I feel like I hardly got anything done, but I guess maybe the pictures tell the truth.

Really, I should have these samples done, but definitely by the end of the week!

 All the applique is done, they each need a bit of embroidery before the quilting commences.  Quilting is probably the fastest part on these little wall hangings.

 I've been sharing my space with a Lego builder all week.  He is trying to get it finished up today.  We've got to clear the table for a birthday dinner.
 A mess of threads from applique and Legos!
 I did finish the quilting on the Flip Flop Quilt.  Threads need to be buried, trimmed, and binding added.  E should be able to do most of that!

 I will start my next Four-In-Art project once the samples are done.  I will use my selvages for the first time ever!
 Birthday Girl!  Two years old today!

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The list, revised and expanded.

 1. Sample Project  DONE
2. 4-in-Art DONE
3. Temperature Quilt DONE
4. D's Quilt
5. Tree Quilt  DONE
6. Wreath Quilt DONE
7. Red/White Mini DONE
8. DA Quilt
9. Hexie Baby - QUILTED
10. Guild Challenge Quilt - Thirteen
11. Central Park
12. Charm Parade
13. Wisteria Crayon Challenge DONE
14. Flip Flop Quilt - QUILTED
15. Two More Samples - DONE
16. Four-In-Art Round 2  DONE
17. Two More Samples
18. Modern Tree
19. Four-In-Art Round 3
20. Grey Challenge

Monday, July 13, 2015

Doll Head Cushions

 Aren't they so cute!?!
 Before we left for vacation, I saved up all my magazines, and bought a couple extra, to bring along.  This, of course, made me want to SEW ALL THE THINGS!
 The pattern for these came from Mollie Makes.  The stripey rainbow is for E and the Pink flowers for M.  Sometimes it is so fun to have little (and not so little) girls to sew for!
And, just for fun, a shot of my front garden.  I fondly refer to this as my English Cottage Garden.  A little chaotic, but I love it.  I do have a couple spots that need to be filled in.  A little every year....

Friday, July 10, 2015

Ipad Cover - Hello! Kitty!

 True story:  Way back in December, Mr. Riley bought me an Ipad Mini for Christmas.  Know how many times I used it?  None.  I think he was just out of ideas for me.  (I should teach him to buy fabric!)  Anyway, Eldest child has pretty much claimed it, and it was agreed that it needed a cozy before we went on vacation.
 So I made up a quilt sandwich out of fabric chosen by E.
 That's a lot of Hello Kitty cuteness.
 After its quilted, I put binding across the bottom, then bring it up to form a pocket.  Baste the sides and then add binding around three sides.  I did all of it by machine.
 The closure is two vintage buttons from stash and a hair band.  The top button is decorative.
 Et Voila, safe and cozy Ipad. (pictured here: Google Nexus Tablet - I think E hid the Ipad before she left for camp!)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Really Random Thursday

 Today's Really Random Thursday brought to you courtesy of Instagram.  I am so much better on there than on the blog. 
 We started collecting patches from National Parks a couple years ago.  I was able to add four this year!
 I mentioned the hexies yesterday.  Pinned and ready for basting.
 Blue and White.  Love it.
 Cleaned out the "Toy Box of Doom" since E is at camp.  M was delighted with the finds.  I am delighted that it closes again.
 Joined a CSA.  Getting lots of yummy things to eat.  Some I've never had before.
 This girl loves the water.  No matter the weather.
 And my mosaic for the Tea Time swap.  Mmmmm, tea.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

WIP Wednesday 7.8.15

Yep.  Finally sitting down to write up some blog posts.  And since today is Wednesday, lets do a WIP Wednesday.

Seriously, I feel like I have a hundred things that need to be sewn.  I'll have to make a list again, to help me get a handle on things.   And perhaps find the ones that can be let go. 

Two Have To Do Projects: Samples
 I've got the applique bits cut out, time to start assembling.

 Next up, my leader/ender project.  I think I've shown it before.
These are the pieces laid out.  I've got two stacks of rows done.
I finished one sample block so I could see it.  9x9, so 81 pieces per block.
I picked up some more French General Reds, not specifically Chateau Rouge, but close enough.  This will enable me to make up more blocks than the 7 I've got laid out. 
Still working on E's Flip Flop Quilt.  The shoes themselves have all been zigzagged with a clear Poly.  I am now doing the circles on the sashing.  Marking takes longer than quilting.....
There is, of course, the perpetual hexie project.  I basted 212 more during our trip south.  I've now got the rest pinned and ready to baste.
 And I've even got Hexie Baby all quilted up.  I am going to try a faced binding to preserve the hexagon edge.  Just need to trim, and pick a binding. 

Next up, to write a couple posts on finishes! 
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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Tripping South and a New Dog

 We've been home for over a week, and I'm just now getting a chance to sit down and rest.  Here is a small selection of pictures from our trip. 
First we stopped in Memphis overnight for BBQ and a hotel.  Then Vicksburg on our way to New Orleans.
 Overlooking the battlefield at Vicksburg.  Mr. Riley was quite thrilled to be here.
 A restaurant in New Orleans.  We ran through a down pour to get here, and then had to be sat at separate tables.  Girls vs boys.  We spent two nights in New Orleans, walked around, ate amazing food, visited a cemetery, and managed to spare the kids from anything too scary.
 Finally, the beach! We stayed along the Gulf in Alabama, right between the Gulf and Mobile Bay.  Good thing.  The waves were huge, with warnings the first couple of days.  After the baby got knocked down by the first wave, she had a total fear of the ocean.
 So we went to the bay side where is was calm and warm. 
 We went to Pensacola for a Blue Angels show and to check out the Naval Aviation Museum.  Very cool.
 The kids caught numerous sand crabs, and we even played with them in the bath tub one night.
 We were just down the road from Ft Morgan.  Mr. Riley bought this map.  I think it could make a brilliant mini quilt.
 There was "housewife" at the Ft. Museum.  Looks like silk!
 We also visited the USS Alabama Battleship in Mobile Bay and USS Drum submarine.  My boys were in heaven.  E did an obligatory shot for me.

It was a good trip.  Lots of sun, sand, salt, and car rides.  Vacation always makes you appreciate home!

And the day after we came home?  We got a new dog.  This is Loki.  Maybe 11 months?   We think he's a German Short Hair pointer mixed with lab?  Or shepard?  A good friendly dog, but he certainly needs some training.