Sunday, February 23, 2020

Updated Project List Feb 2020

I've been getting things done!  A few quilts on the finished list and some sewing for Mini!  I need to do some bee blocks and then decide on the next things to quilt. 

Finished Quilts
Blue and White Hexagon Quilt:  Blog Post *Here*
Bee-Attitudes Wall Hanging:  Need to Blog
Charm Parade:  Need to Blog

Quilts to be bound

Tops that need to be quilted:
French General Irish Chain
On Ringo Lake Mystery Quilt
Baby Blue and Red Charity Quilt
Large Flower Blocks Charity Quilt
Spider Web
Blue Fairy Quilt
Star Quilt
Girl Bonnie and Camille Baby Quilt
Flower Fairy Panel
4 quilts from a friend's mom
Pixie House Quilt
Gridsterbee Christmas Blocks 
Handmaids Christmas Quilt (moved up from the TTBF)

Tops to be finished (more done than not)
10 year Hexie quilt. (I've decided to put on borders)
Another Nut House (needs more embroidery)
EPP Orbit (applique to background?)
EPP Honeycombs (applique to background?)

Blocks to be turned into tops
Eclipse (pattern by modernquiltstudio)
Sampler blocks from Gridsterbee
Blue and White Log Cabin
Ugly Quilt x 6
EPP Star Flowers (thrifted)
Stack and Whack (thrifted)
Bug Jar (thrifted)

Quilts to Start
Si Bday quilt
Possible Two Baby Quilts
Checkers Quilt Kit

Other Sewing to be done
Shorts for Mini  DONE
Pjs for Mini  DONE
Swimsuit for Mini  DONE
Curtains for Laundry Room
Hand Bell Table Covers

Friday, February 21, 2020

Quilt as You Go Hexagons - A Quick Tutorial

 Since this year's temperature quilt plan is Quilt as You Go Hexagons, I thought I'd share a quick tutorial.  I'm sure you can find others out there, and I don't claim to be an expert.  I have done 45 so far, though....
 The first thing you need is a way to cut out those hexagons.  I use a combination of the Hex N More Ruler and You Hexie Thing Ruler. 
You also need to decide on the sizes you want to end up with.  My inside hexagon is 4.5" hexagon marked on the Hex N More.  This is a nice size for me to cut the half hexies to do highs and lows for each day.

The background needs to be one inch bigger on each side, so that actually means two inches larger (it took me a while to actually get this)  So in my case I make a 4.5" inside hexagon and cut a 6.5" hexagon for the background.
My current stack of backgrounds for Winter.  With bonus triangles. 
You also need to cut batting to the inside hexagon size.  4.5" in my case. I am using Warm and Natural because its what I had.   You definitely do not want a thick batting.
 Background plus batting.
 Center batting and then front side hexagon.  I like to steam press at this point.  Helps keep it from shifting and flattens it a bit. 
 On each side fold up and press.  Do not fold the edge of fabric all the way to the batting, you want to leave a small gap to make the turning up easier.  Otherwise things get too bulky too quickly.
 Here each side is folded once, close to the edge of the batting/top hexagon.
 The next fold you take is going to come over the top hexagon, covering the raw edge of the top hexie and the batting.  Continue to press.
 Now you are folding one side at a time, press and pin.  I use glass head pins for things like this so you can press without worrying about melting things.

Make sure to miter those corners carefully.
 These corners aren't stellar, you can do better! (so can I)
 Now you are going to stitch around the edge on top of the hexagon through all the layers.  I just did a straight stitch, some like to use a decorative stitch. 

For joining hexagons together you can use a zigzag or a decorative stitch. 
 Here is a close up of my temperature quilt so far.  It is not perfect.  I'm sure it could be better, but I don't have grand plans for this one other than the fun of making it. 

The advantage of this method is you can just continue to grow the quilt. 

There is a lot more work and time up front, but when you are done putting the blocks together, they are done forever.

It does also take a lot of fabric.  Three yards of fabric yielded about 90 6.5" hexagons for the background. 

 Please let me know if you have any questions or I made any errors.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Blue and White Hexies Quilt Finish

I finished this fun little quilt just a couple weeks after Christmas.  It was a gift and I couldn't share until it had been gifted. 
The pattern was based off my friend's bathroom floor.  She has a lovely older home with hexie tiles in the downstairs bathroom. 
I've actually had the main part done, with the papers pulled for some time.  Last November I got it basted and started appliqueing down the center.
Quilting didn't happen until January, but I couldn't be happier with how it turned out!
 My friend loves it as well!
 Those are 1/2" hexies if you were wondering. 
The quilt measures about  14" x 12"

I used a bright white and thin poly batting for the insides.

The blue butterfly backing fabric came from deep stash. 

As soon as my friend finished ooohing and aaahhing over it, she promptly gave it back and told me to enter it in an upcoming local show, whose theme is blue and white!

Monday, February 17, 2020

2020 Temperature Quilt: I finally have a plan

It took me a while to get going on this years temperature quilt.
First I had to commit.
Then I had to pull fabrics and assign degree ranges.
Then I had to really decide on a design.
I had originally thought of quilt as you go hexagons using the low was the backing fabric and turning it to the front. I actually still really like that idea, but it takes So Much Fabric. As in, I would have had to go shopping and I really don't want to buy more fabric. This year is all about using it up and finishing.

I'm still going with the quilt as you go hexies, but have decided that each season will have the same background. 
Why seasons? Well, I started my hexies by using three yards of Kona snow that I had as the background. Guess how far three yards gets you?  About three months!!

I've already gone ahead and bought background fabric for spring.

Kona pear shown here next to Kona snow.

I'm doing half hexies. Top is the high, bottom half the low.

I've got all the hexies cut for winter backs and about 100 batting hexagons.
I started assembly the other day with out doing the maths.
Sewing the January blocks in a row ended up 140" long. That's a bit much.
I've got it at just 24 hexies long and will grow the width as the year progresses.

Sewing Swimmies for Mini

 I did some swim suit sewing for Mini.  I've done swimsuits in the past.  It's doable, even without a serger. The above pile is the fabrics I started out with.  I bought the purple, don't know where the stripes or blue came from.
 Coincidentally those colors match the pattern.    Lots of pieces for a simple two piece, but its because of the color blocking.
 Mini chose the blue first.
 It turned out OK.
 I even emptied my first spool of thread for the year.  The seams were all double sewn, so that is a lot of thread!
 I also found an error in the pattern.  The notches do not line up.  It was much easier to sew after I figured that out.

There was just enough blue to add to the purple for a second suit.
Mix and Match!

At this point I realized that she also still had two almost brand new suits in her box, so I was done sewing!

Both Mini and her older sister rejected this fabric, so I've put it up in my Etsy shop. 

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Sewing for Mini

 I'd been wanting to do some sewing for Mini.  I've managed to acquire a few pieces of apparel fabric (mostly I think from my step mom) and wanted to put them to good use (or pitch).  So I pulled a few potential patterns from the stash and set to work. 
First up was a couple of tops from some polka dot jersey a friend gave to me.  She got them in a bag of fabric she picked up from Goodwill.  It was yardage, but had care tags!

 I got two tops made.

Here she is actually wearing one of the tops, which later I noticed was on backwards!

There was some leftover fabric, so I squeaked out a pair of shorts and matching scrunchies.

I also made some jammies. 
This one was made from two different pieces. Neither was quite big enough to be on its own.

I also made a couple of summer jammies from undershirts matched with a sewn skirt.

The sweet eyelet fabric had the following note tucked in it.

 Grandma Wilma is my 103! y/o grandmother.  Not sure how long ago she gave me the fabric.