Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Crayon Challenge: White

 I've got a new Hexie project in the works.  All in white. 
 Or at least various shades and textures of white.  It is for the 2016 Crayon Challenge. I drew a white crayon this time around.  We only have to do 50% of our color, but I'm going all the way.  The hexies are 1.25" per side.  I am on the hunt and collecting various whites.  I'm trying to get it prepped before our family vacation.  Hand work is great for the car, and the beach.

Monday, May 16, 2016

More Sweet Pea Pod Pouches

 I made some more Sweet Pea Pod Pouches.
You may remember that I had done some math to figure out how much bigger I could make one.  I had some 22" zippers, so I started with 14" squares.

 It worked perfectly.
  I really like this bigger size.  I can see more of them in my future.

Friday, May 13, 2016

A Tale of Two Dresses

As I was going about doing some sewing for Mini, I had pulled out a really pretty stripe - the bottom of the below dress:
When I laid out the pattern  pieces, I discovered there was only enough for the skirt, and I was going to have to make a contrasting top.  No big deal.  Picked out a pink fabric, washed it, and made the bodice.
Everything was fine until I was ready to attach them, and then decided they really didn't match, after all.  So then I had a finished bodice and a finished skirt, that didn't go together.  So, I went back to the fabric stash, picked out a new skirt fabric for the finished bodice and a new bodice for the finished skirt.

Thus, two dresses.
My little model after wearing one to church last week.
 She really likes to pick up ants.  There is probably one in her hand.

 The pattern: Simplicity 1710

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sewing for Mini: Shorts

I've put quilting aside for a time to sew up some clothing and hopefully a few other projects before we leave for our family vacation at the end of the month.

A couple of weeks ago we had a nice day time high in the 70s and I realized that poor Mini had no shorts.

The last few days have taken care of that problem.

 I simply raided my stash, found some cute cotton prints and sewed up some shorts.
 It doesn't take much fabric for a two year old - even though I have to sew up size 4!
 This is one of those great projects that really only cost time.  I already had all the fabric, elastic, and even buttons.
 I don't remember where I got the Care Bear fabric -  maybe my grandmother?  I'm glad to have found a use for it.  I didn't have enough fabric for facing, so I just used a muslin. 

So far its been too cold again to wear any of these, but they are saying 80 on Friday.

BTW Happy Star Wars Day
May the Fourth be with you!

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Color & Music: Violin Study - A Four-in-Art Quilt

 It's Reveal Day for Four-in-Art.
Color and Music.
May I present: Violin Study

 I once read a book about Synesthesia, by Oliver Sacks - Seeing colors related to things like numbers, sounds, and yes, music.  I've never experienced it, but I do have a very talented pianist friend who does.  She sees colors related to key signatures.  I thought of that a lot while thinking of ideas for this project.

A violin is quite appropriate to the family, #1, #2 and #4 all can play the violin.  #2 has since switched to the viola (and also plays piano). #3 plays the cello and #5 will more than likely play the violin.  Yep, our goal is the string quartet with accompanist.

 It didn't take me long to figure out what I wanted to do.  This quilt is made of selvages and "quilted as you go".   I had originally thought just the silhouette, but came across a split silhouette and knew it was perfect.  After all, white light is made of all the colors, and I thought this was a striking way to present the idea.
Fortunately for this year, we have rather abandoned the size restrictions, I just didn't think I could do what I wanted on a much smaller scale.  This quilt is about 38" x 54".
 The very perfect backing fabric from IKEA - with a bit of fanciful music.
 Selvages are fun to work with - some Hello Kitties peeking at us.
 And those windmills!  I did have to do some deliberate cutting so I could have enough selvages!
 The edges are covered by (purchased!) bias binding.
 Please take the time to check out the other quilts in our group, that's what I'll be doing (after church).

http://www.rachel-thelifeofriley.blogspot.com (ME!)
 Our group blog is here: http://fourinart.blogspot.com/

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Three Quick Quilt Projects - Finished!

 Between Saturday afternoon (when the package came in the mail) and last night (Monday) I did three samples.

 Table Runner #1. Great for showing off that large scale print.  The whole center is one piece of fabric. Size 14"x36"

 Table Runner #2, done in just two fabrics for a lattice effect.   19.5" x 38"

 Third, a mini quilt.  15"x15"  This one is a Stripology Design by GE Designs - Gudrun Erla

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Really Random Works In Progress 4.21.16

 Lots of Works in Progress, or Works About to be in Progress, or even Works  I'm Dreaming Of around here.

 Starting to make plans for this year's Renaissance Faire.  These won't all get used, but at a dollar a piece, its worth picking them up.

 The above stack is for E's dress.  The one on the most far right in the first picture.

 I'm working diligently on my next Four-in-Art project.  Colorful Music.

 As I work on the FIA piece, I am using these bonus blocks from my last quilt as leader-enders.  A "free" quilt all around.

 I picked up some cheap tops for Mini yesterday.  I am planning to match them to stash fabric and whip up some shorts.  She has none, and we had some very warm weather on Monday.  Time to plan for summer.
 I did my word for April. All the words are knitting themed.  That 2 was difficult.  The letters are getting easier, though.
 Have you seen this new kit from Dritz?  Make your own Espadrilles?  I am all over that! Can't wait to get started.

What are you working on this week?  Or dreaming about?