Friday, October 19, 2018

Mini Dresden Progress Update


I have spent the late spring, all summer and early fall working diligently on my Mini Dresden English Paper Piecing Project.  If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that I keep updated with the plates as they are finished, but today I thought I'd talk a bit about the process.

I talked about the beginning some in this post - and will probably repeat some of that info here, too.

I start by using my Silhouette machine to cut out cardstock papers of the petals/wedges.

It takes 12 papers to make a plate, I've got 100 plates done, so I've used at least 1,200 papers. That doesn't include the basted wedges that haven't been sewn together yet - so probably towards 2,000 papers at this point.  So glad I can make them at home.

In my first post I showed you the box of "squares" I was working with.  Here's a photo of what's left:

That stack in the upper left is all the same fabric.  It will not all get turned into wedges.  In fact, it may end up in the fire....
So, I just lay out my wedge.
Trim off a bit of excess fabric.
Use one of my tiny paper clips to hold the fabric to the paper. 
Here is a bunch, lined up and ready to baste.  I am not actually basting to the papers, but am basting in such a way that the thread will not have to be removed.  

 I bring them pretty much everywhere.  You just never know when you are going to have waiting time. 

This picture was a couple of weeks ago.  I just wanted to see them all at once.  I am totally embracing "more is more" 
 When I have a set of colors basted, I organize them by fabric and number.  Above is anything less than six.
 These are the sets of 6 that are not yet sewn.
 My last two assembled plates.  The above bothers me a bit, being half and half, but I will probably leave it. These are numbers 99 and 100.

 I plan on appliqueing onto a scrappy neutral background. The biggest decision right now?  The fabric choice for center circles.  Navy? Cream? Black? Brown?  Change it up for each one?  Definitely a long way to go before I have a finish.

 My finished stacks.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A Pencil Case for my own Noodlehead

After just a few weeks of school, WD acquired a very bad habit of leaving pens and pencils in his pants pockets, that then ended up in the wash.

Not cool.

He suggested the solution would be a pencil case.

I decided free is best, so I googled for a pencil case pattern and found the one from Noodlehead

And in an afternoon, I had a pencil case for the boy.

Not necessarily my finest piece of technical sewing, but as you can see, it was almost instantly dirty.

Friday, October 12, 2018

A Christmas Quilt Finish

Woo Hoo!
A Christmas Quilt finished before Christmas.

OK, so it took a whole year, but hey, you can't win them all. 

Looks like that was the last time I mentioned the top in my blog.  Well, as you can see, I did add some more borders, I wanted it to be big enough for Mini's bed.  My goal is someday to have a Christmas quilt for each bed.  At the rate I'm going, the kids will start moving out first...

The finished product!  The pattern is called "Take 5".  You are supposed to start out with 5 pieces of 5/8 yard coordinating fabrics. 
 The whole quilt is flannel, front and back.  I quilted in a large loop.  Partly because it was easy, partly to warm up for the Log Cabin quilt that I quilted, and mostly because I used a polyester batting.  A fluffier one, so fancy quilting is unnecessary.  Why fluffy polyester?  Someone gave me a bunch of batting.  Use what you've got!  And it does make for a very warm and cozy quilt.
 I pieced a bunch of scraps into the back.

 Including chunks of the selvedges.  Now I'll always know the fabric line.  :)
I even remembered to get the label on.  Just need to get that filled out.......

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Somewhat Random Thursday - Late Summer and Early Autumn

I really love the Autumnal season.  As long as it behaves itself!  We've actaully had a rather warm and rainy one, but here are a few photographic highlights.

 One of the most amazing things we've seen is three male deer in our yard.  Generally male deer do not hang out together.  With three young bucks together, I'm thinking the mythical 30 pointer must be out there somewhere.....

I've been doing a little bit of preserving.  I made four fruit jam.

And Wild Grape Jelly!!
Cook and smash
Giant seeds from the grapes.
And lots of jelly.  It's surpisingly good.

 Beautiful colors seen out during one of my walks.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The 10 year Hexie Project - Major Update

The first mention of the hexies I could find on the blog was *here* in May 2012
I have been carting these babies all over the place.  To many states, in trains, planes and automobiles.  Swim lessons, violin lessons, piano lessons, cello lessons, ballet class and many sporting events.

They are now all together.  Still basted to papers.  Ready for some kind of a border.  Perhaps a thin strip of yellow and a large of blue?

I even know how I'll quilt it.  

More to come.

Tuesday, October 9, 2018

A Quilted Log Cabin - For a Friend

 It's been a rough summer.
Time has slipped away.
BUT, I am reclaiming the things that I love to do, and one of them is this blog.  So let us get to it!

This quilt top was NOT made by me.  I have been talking with the acquaintance who did make it for a couple of years about it.  She had made the top about 10 years ago when a friend of hers showed her quilting.  Then that friend moved away and the top sat.  (we all know this story)
I had offered to quilt it for her a while ago.  Recently, she decided to pull it out and see if she could do the quilting herself.  She got the back made, got it all basted, started some stitch in the ditch, and ended up with puckers.  Back into the closet it went.

I told her to bring it to me, stitches and everything.  She did actually take out the stitching, but I unbasted, re-ironed and re-basted the whole thing.  Proably using at least twice as many pins as her.

Trying out some thread choices.  She had included some coats and clark brown - but I wanted to do better for her than that.  It's not like I'm going to run out of thread anytime soon.
I went with the light brown aurifil.  It blended in perfectly with the neutral areas of the quilt and is fine enough to sink in to the areas where it does contrast.  A good wash will help with that, too.

 She really made a lovely back, too.

 The quilting is a large all over meander/stipple.  For some reason this comes pretty naturally to me.  It is also fast.  She had suggested stitch in the ditch, but that's easier said than done with log cabin.  Too many stops and starts.

The approximate size of this is 68" x 80".

I also now appreciate the quilting for others aspect.  I don't have to trim and bind.  My job here is done.
It is 83F here in Wisconsin today.  40 on Thursday.  Such a strange Autumn so far. 

Friday, July 20, 2018

Gridster Bee 2018 - Pixie House Blocks - Finished Top

Rolling around to this year's Gridster Bee, May was once again my month.  This really works pretty well, as I get mail all month and its my birthday month!

I had asked each member to make one of each house from the Pixie House patterns by Intrepid Thread.  I had sent out the neutral background fabric and asked for fussy cut windows and doors.

 It was great fun to pin them up as they came in the mail.  A couple members made me neighborhoods :).
 I worked on piecing trees for the neighborhood.
Planning the layout.
And the finished top!  I barely squeaked out enough of the background to get this put together, but I was determined not to go buy more! 

One more top to the pile.....