Wednesday, November 26, 2014

WIP Wednesday 11.26.14 - Pre-Thanksgiving

 Today my primary work in progress will be pie!  And cleaning house, too, in preparation for tomorrow's festivities.
 After not touching this for a couple of months, I sat down the other night and diligently sewed down the last row.
 Now, time to remove the papers.  I also need to figure out how one finishes a hexie quilt!?  It seems like such a waste to cut off all those points to make a straight edge, but I'm sure how to deal with all those points, either.  Anyone have any experience or suggestions?

 I've also been working diligently on my IG miniswap quilt.  I finished the quilting last night.
 Time to bury threads and determine a binding.  I was hoping to not buy any fabric, but it may be inevitable, since I started with fat quarters of each color.  Not a lot left of any but the green.
 I thought the shot below helped show the quilting textures.
 May you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Circle of Life Finish

 When it rains, it pours.  One more finish.

 This was a panel that I won from a Giveaway Day, last year?  I added the stripes to enlarge it a bit.  I used some poly batting that I picked up recently because it was cheap and I planned to use it for charity quilts.  It says low loft, but it is still thicker than what I prefer.  The quilt is pretty soft and comfy, but detailed quilting is pretty much out the window.  This finished at 31" x 41".
 More of the stripes on the back.  The stripe came from Connecting Threads.
 I added this bit from the panel onto the back.  Not sure if I'll donate this one to charity, or to our guild's boutique.  I'm not thrilled with the quilting, so I'll give it some thought.

 Incidentally, the next Giveaway Day is December 8.  Still trying to decide whether to participate, or not.  I don't generally enter the giveaways anymore, its not worth the time - I can just go buy the fabric, really, and since I'm not buying fabric right now....  Anyway, I do have some Tula Pink Saltwater that I know I don't need, so perhaps a giveaway is due, just in time for Christmas.

Monday, November 24, 2014

2 More Charity Finishes

 Last Friday I shared two of my latest finishes.  Here are two more.  These are also extras from the 100 blessings quilt.
 Purple and patchwork.  Finished up at 34" x 44".  I did a large overall meander on this one.  Quick easy and since the batting was pieced a bit, a good way to hold everything together. 
 The back.  Also pieced a bit.  I am so glad to be using fabrics up and passing them on.
 This one is mostly made from fabrics I had.  I started with the fish and seaside fabrics and added the batik, blue. and yellow.  This one finished at 35" square.
 I did a bit more detailed quilting on this one.  Just for fun.
 I had picked the baking up at a local thrift store right before my fabric fast.  I think I paid one or two dollars?  Someone had obviously used it to make a Hawaiian shirt.  I think its super fun.
 The question is what are these weird things hidden among the foliage?

Friday, November 21, 2014

Finish It Up Friday

Why no blog posts lately?  Because I've been finishing things, people!  I finished six quilts in the past week. Six!  One of them from start to finish!  OK, so none were particularly large, but I'm happy and they are done.  So today I will start by sharing two of them, because they are similar.
 See?  Same pattern and practically the same fabrics.  As you recall, I was given lots of fabric when I made the 100 blessings quilt.  I even shared the quilt tops that I was able to complete with all the extra.  Now they are all quilted up and ready for donation.
 The top one finished up at 33" x 41" and the bottom (blurry) one is 41" x 52". 
 I quilted them both the same, a curvy stitch along each seam line.  I think it gives it nice stability, openness for softness of the fabric and its super easy and almost mistake -proof.
 They each have the same backing and binding as well.  This was a large length of cotton decorator fabric from my mom - it washed up nice and soft for a quilt backing - yay!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WIP Wednesday 11.12.14 - A complete List

As we enter the last 7 weeks of the year (I'm serious people, check your calendars), I have gathered up all my projects and we'll see what I can bang out to finish.  I've learned to not make gifts for Holidays, especially Christmas, too much pressure, so these are just projects that I'd like to get done and most likely, out of the house.

 At the top of the list is the only Have To Get Done project. My mini for the IG mini swap.  I need to figure out what to do.  Do you see the bottom edge?  Yeah, that was just bad planning on my part.  All the pieces are appliqued on, but I didn't give myself any room to work on that side.  Still mulling it over.  This needs to be in the mail the first week of December.

Next up are two tops that I haven't shown on here, yet.  Only on instagram.
 My Charm Parade quilt top.   I've decided to float the center with a dark binding.  I've even prepped the matching binding already.
 And a fun panel that I'm planning to hang in the girl's room.  The pink in the back will be the backing.  It is exactly the right size.
 So now for a complete list of everything in the To-Do pile.

1. WD's quilt.  Top is done, back is prepped.  Need to baste and have WD do the quilting.
2. E's quilt. Top done.  Back needs prepped, baste, quilt, bind.  E needs to help as much as possible.
3. Girl's adventure panel.  Baste, quilt, bind. (already made binding!)
4. Central Park Quilt. Baste, quilt, bind. (already made binding!)
5. Large Bricks Charity quilt. Baste, quilt, bind.
6. Small Bricks Charity Quilt. Baste, quilt, bind.
7. Purple column charity quilt. Baste, quilt, bind. (already made binding!)
8. Fish charity quilt. Baste, quilt, bind.
9. Circle of Life Panel quilt. Baste, quilt, bind.
10. Charm Parade. Baste, quilt, bind. (binding already made!)
11. Downton Abbey Quilt.  Quilt. Bind.
12. IG mini swap.  Finish piecing, baste, quilt, bind.

Whew.  I'd best get going!
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Temperature Quilt Update: October

 The temperature top is complete through October.  You can see we had one fairly cool day in the second week, but then some nice warm days.  Even a record high (of 77) just a few days before Halloween.  Rest assured, it is cold now.  Today is in the 30's!  So we will have a lot more blues and greens for November.  Only two months to go!

 You'll remember that one of my caveats for not purchasing fabric was that I could get more for this project, and I had to!  One more fat quarter for the 50-60 degree ranges.

 This piece here is for 60-65. While I wouldn't mind having some more warm days, I really don't want to have to order more fabric!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Turned Edge Applique - A Tutorial

As I've been doing a lot of hand applique lately, I thought perhaps a tutorial on how I was preparing my appliques might be in order. 

This tutorial explains how take the shape that you are planning to applique and create a turned edge with your machine as opposed to ironing the edge with starch or needle turn applique.  This method will give you a clean edge, something that won't fray or add bulk.

Ready?  Let's begin.

You will need your shape to be appliqued, a lightweight interfacing or stabilizer, sewing machine, thread, and iron.
 This is the shape I will be using to demonstrate the technique - one of my extra diamond shapes from pattern testing.
 For my interfacing I am using Pellon Soft-N-Stay.  It is very thin/lightweight so that if I choose not to cut it away later, its not a big deal.  Note that on the instructions, this particular product should not come into direct contact with an iron.
 First you will need to cut a piece of the stabilizer the size of your applique piece.  It doesn't need to be perfect.  Pin it in place - on top of the right side of the applique.
 Sew all the way around your applique piece, 1/4" from the edge of the applique piece.  This method is great because you can see through the stabilizer, so corners can be exact and you will be sure not to cut off any points.
 Trim up the stabilizer and cut off points.  If you had curves, you would want to clip them for easier turning.
 In the center of the stabilizer, cut a slit.  It doesn't need to be small - no one will see it and you want to make turning easy.  You don't want to cut it all the way to the stitching, either.
 Turn your piece right side out - I like chop sticks to help with points.
 Press your piece - from the right side!
 Lay your applique piece onto the back ground fabric where you want it.  Pin in place.  If you are going to use your sewing machine to secure the applique, keep the pins on the front.
 However, if you are planning to hand applique, a really neat trick that I learned is to pin from the back.  This will keep your thread from constantly catching on your pins as you sew.
 All pinned and ready to go. 
 Here is a shot of what I've been appliqueing lately.  3 diamonds done, 5 to go.