Tuesday, September 1, 2015

WIP Tuesday 9.1.15

The one where I lose my mind.

I told you I had an epic To Do list.  Here it is.  Projects and dates.  All within the next 8 weeks.

 I have Six samples to make from this Nancy Halvorsen book to make. 
Ship date no later than Sept. 20.

 All but one are applique projects.  Fortunately none are terrible big.  Right now I've got them all Wonder Undered and cut out.  Time to fuse and applique.
 I want to get this quilted for the Guild Show in October.  Due date: October 14.
 This is my mini for the Bee Still My Heart Swap.  It is done (save for label).  Thank goodness.  Just need to put together the extras.  Ship date: No later than Sept. 30.
 Here I am playing with background options.  I call this "A Cuppa with the Queen".  It will be a mini for the Tea Time swap I'm in.  Again, ship no later than Sept. 30.

 Minnie is for our Guild Challenge "50 shades of gray".  Right now it looks like Mickey in Drag.  Due date: Sept. 28.
 And then there is the guild challenge for the show.  And I can't find the original fabrics.  Insert maniacal laughter here. 

So am I crazy?  Probably.  Will it all get done?  Probably.  In reality I can let the two challenges and the Modern Tree quilt go.  But I don't want to.

Add in now that school has started we have school, volley ball, two in soccer, two in violin, one in viola, one in cello, one in piano.  And the occasional baseball practice with the team to keep up on skills. 

So I hope you will be patient.  I will blog as I am able, and my days are a little more free, as I just have one cutie at home. 
 First day of school (August 26).  Kindergarten, 5th grade, 7th grade, 3rd grade.
 I'm off to cut and fuse.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Hexie Baby Finished

 It has just been ages since I've managed to sit down and write a blog post.  I tried to see if I could do them from my phone, but I couldn't find an app that would let me add pictures, and what's a blog without pictures? 
The good news is that I am forcing myself to sit and write this one because I have a finish!  Hurrah!
 Hexie Baby is all done.  Completely hand pieced with the English Paper Piecing method, then machine quilted and finished with a faced binding.
 Our swing is slowly sinking into the ground, and no one dares sit on it, but its great for pictures.  And cat scratching.
 The back, where you can see the really great quilting texture, and my faced binding.  I am so pleased with how it turned out.  It was really a test run for when the 10 Year EPP project is ready to be finished.
 It is not truly a charm quilt, in that there are some repeat fabrics, but there are certainly a lot of fabrics.  From the 80's to the present. 
 There are approximately 400 1 inch hexagons that make up this quilt.  It isn't really very large.  Not even sure if it qualifies as a baby quilt.
 The Precious Moments backing fabric came from my stash that I inherited from my Mom.
 The facing is from a baby quilt from a couple of years ago.
 The Details:
Fabric: Yes. Scrappy.
Batting: Pellon Thin Cotton
Backing: Precious Moments Novelty
Thread: Aurifil #2026
Size: 29" x 34"
I have a super epic WIP list right now, so I'll try to get that written up soon, too.

Monday, August 10, 2015

Goody Goody Binding Kit

 I've been wanting to make a little sewing travel kit for some time.  In fact I had even sketched out a pattern for all the things that I wanted in it. (see below)
 So, when I came across the Goody Goody Binding Kit by Lella Boutique, I knew it was close enough to make it!
 I don't really use the clover clips for binding, so I will use the zippered pocket for other things, but I've got a place for thread, for scissors, needles and a slide in pocket for extra things, like a notebook.  I try to always have a notebook with me. 

 The original pattern had a strawberry for the scissors, I fussy cut a paisley from my fabric instead.  The outside fabric and inside middle is a Brother Sister design from 2010.  The blue is a Kona solid, and the pink is a batik.
 I think I'd like to try making one with selvedges, but I am quite happy with this one.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fall Table Topper Finish

 I made up this Fall colored table topper as a store sample.  It was surprisingly easy.  Great instructions for all those triangles.  You all know I love a good hexagon.  This one is about 12" on each side, so about 24" across.
 Cute candy corns for the back.  The heart is covering my toes that were in the picture!
The pattern, in case anyone wants to know.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Pin Cushions and Bead Pins

 I am the chair for our Quilt Guild's upcoming Show Boutique in October.  As such, I have been watching for and making cute, fun, attractive, and hopefully easy projects.  Both for examples and also for sale.
 I made the above bead pins.  E6000 plus some beads and some pins = fancy bead pins.  The pin cushion is something Mr. Riley picked up in an antique shop for me.

 Cute butterfly bead pins. 
 I also made the cup pin cushion.  Once again, E6000 plus whatever you want to glue together.  The cushion is a piece of coffee colored upholstery scrap sewn and stuffed in a ball and glued in the cup.

 Fancy glass bead pins.

 And a pin cushion made of a Limoges piece of porcelain.  I love thrift shops.
 Fun, cute, easy, and hopefully good sellers.  I have been collecting more items to make pin cushions.  I'll share them when I'm done.  Or maybe a few weeks later, when I get to blogging. Hah!

Monday, August 3, 2015

The Princess and the Pea construction notes

 Saturday I shared my Third in a Series for Four In Art, Fairy Tales, Princess and the Pea.

Today I'll talk a bit about my process.
 I had decided quite a long time ago that this is what I wanted to do.  I usually do a sketch out of what I'm thinking, mostly for a size reference.

It's funny, once I started drawing the ideas flooded in on how I wanted to do this mini.
 My notes scribbled on the paper. 

 First I made the stand along mattresses.  Selvedges sewn with a layer of batting and a thin backing material.  When I laid it on the background material, I decided it would probably be best if I quilted the background first, since everything going on top was embellishments that would be a pain to quilt around.
 Minis are great for Frankenbatting.
 The background quilted and ready to go. 

 The next day.... (you can tell by the better lighting)  I added a lace bed skirt and some bed posts.
 Now, the ladder.  It is puffy paint drawn onto wax paper and peeled off. 

 I worked perfectly.  I did let it "cure" for 72 hours, like the bottle recommended.

 In fact, it worked so well, I made two.  Actually, the first one was too short.  Oops.  It was fine.  I kind of like the more rickety looking ladder anyway.
 I used Aleene's Glitter and Gem glue to secure the ladder in a few key places.  I knew I could never draw the ladder directly on the fabric and have it turn out OK.  No where to go if you screw it up.
 Let's see, what else.  I originally just had the brown wooden beads on the top of the bed posts, but they needed something more, so I added more beads.
 The pillow is a layer of fabric and batting sewn and then turned right side out.  I ended up stem stitching around in red to make the pillow pop.  Otherwise it blended into the background.
And there you have it.  The Princess and the Pea.