Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Microscopic Color Deconstructed

So let us talk today about how I went from these inspiration pictures by Fabian Oefner

To a finished Art Quilt that looks like this.
It started with a bit of tracing the original and then adding in my own squiggles and circles to make it larger.  There are TWO layers of Pellon Soft and Crafty cotton batting between the top and backing.

White (washed) Kona Cotton.  I knew that I was going to be adding my color after, so the fabric had to be clean.
And then I started stitching.  And stitching.  And stitching.  The more I stitched, the more I found that I needed to add.  I had originally toyed with outlining everything, and actually coloring the black in between, but as you can see I ended up thread painting it instead.
I like the thread better.  The little peeks of white through, kind of like light. Also, then you don't see the crossover stitches.  Can you imagine tying off each end.  (insert maniacal laughter here)
Once everything was stitched, or as much as I wanted to go, I roughly basted an outside line and zig- zagged the edges and threw it in the wash.  I prayed.  I knew what I wanted it to do.
And it did!  After I got it flat again - the squiggles and circles were poofier than the thread areas.
Then I started adding color.  I used Delta Textile medium - using a generic paint brush to wet a squiggle, then I used Derwent Inktense Pencils to color in the wet area.  I asked for and received the color ink pencils for Christmas - I now want ALL the colors.  It is sooooo much fun.  There are so many more techniques I'd like to try. (all the pictures here are at night, so yellow, so sorry)
So I kept adding color.
An attempt at showing the texture of the quilt.  I found as I painted on the textile medium, it often made the fabric poof up just a bit more.  Ecstatic!

I just kept adding colors.

I think I did it over 3 or 4 days.

Then I trimmed it up and added a black binding.
I had to go back in and fill in some more thread.  It was necessary, and also frustrating. 
Also, because of the intense amount of thread, it was really hard to hand sew the binding down.  If I do something like this again, I will finish it differently.
So now you know how I put it together.  I do absolutely love it.  The painted areas are a bit stiff at this point.  The pencils are washable, although I can't see a reason to wash this again.  And as I mentioned before, there are a bazillion techniques out there to try - even just different mediums, like aloe vera gel!

I did get the label on, and even prepped labels for the rest of the year.  Yay me!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Four-In-Art Reveal Q1: Microscopic:Color

 Its a new year for our Four-In-Art group for making art quilts.  We've changed up the group a bit and relaxed the size rules and this year the overall theme is Color.
 When I heard the first quarter's theme was microscopic I started searching on the internet. (what did we do without Google?)
And I came across these amazing images by Fabian Oefner.  You can find an interesting interview on *this website* and his own website is www.fabianoefner.com.  The technique he uses is watercolors and something called a ferrofluid.  I highly recommend you go read about it.  There are more images as well. And yes, I even got permission to use the images as inspiration.

And so I give you my inspiration quilt:

Microscopic Color

 This is essentially a whole cloth quilt: quilted then painted with Inktense Pencils.
 A few close up shots.

 It ended up about 13"x10".  The thread painting/drawing is all Black Aurifil Thread.  Two layers of Pellon Soft and Crafty cotton batting.  The fabric is Kona White. The binding is Kona Black.
 The very boring back - and yes, as I write this no label either.  Tomorrow, I promise.  I will also give a detailed description of how I put this little quilt together.  Until then, check out all the other Four-In-Art members and their quilts!

Betty Ayershttps://www.flickr.com/photos/toot2
Camilla Cathrohttp://faffling.blogspot.co.nz/
Catherine Chisholmhttp://www.knottedcotton.com
Elizabeth Eastmondhttp://www.opquilt.com
Janine Greenhttp://www.rainbowhare.com
Nancy Myershttp://www.patchworkbreeze.blogspot.com
Rachel RileyMe!
Simone Bradfordhttp://quiltalicious.blogspot.com
Susan Snookshttp://patchworknplay.blogspot.com

You can also stop by our group blog http://fourinart.blogspot.com/

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Really Random Thursday 1.28.16

 Serious Randomness today.

 I was emailed this announcement a couple weeks ago.  Totally funny, the post that gets all the hits is from 2011.  And I didn't do a lot of jewelry then and hardly ever now.

 Was super proud of myself for remembering bags (I'm so tired of plastic) Didn't appreciate the snarky bagger - why do they act like its such a big deal?  I found out later that I am supposed to get a $.05 credit for each bag, too. 
 100 day of school is tomorrow. I have decided that its arbitrary, because really, how is it always on a Friday? Anyway, one kid is ready.  One is doing his own, the other I will help this afternoon.  E has aged out.  I'm not disappointed.
 Found a random baby fish in the tank yesterday.  It happens sometimes.  They don't ever seem to last long.
 We have commenced full on potty training.  M sort of directed it herself, so no going back!  She is actually doing great.  But is bare most of the day.  We keep the heat up a little more for her sake.
 We are officially Y members now.  Which is good.  Every single one of us needed a key card though.  Its somewhat ridiculous standing there scanning them all.  The Lego Ewok was a gift from my kids.  He needed a job and this was perfect.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2016

WIP Wednesday 1.27.16

 Happy Wednesday! Blogging three days in a row - somebody mark the calendar!
 This week's finish was the Color Wheel Quilt.  Details Here.

 I made a cushion cover for my hiney donut.  I took a hard fall on the ice/cement last Friday, which necessitated a certain kind of cushion for my tail bone.
 I thought this was a bit nicer than bright yellow foam.  I just grabbed a couple fat quarters and shaped a cushion.  It's not perfect, but waaaaaay better than yellow foam.  What is that bright glare on the fabric?  I think its sunshine.  Feels like years since we've had a sunny day.  Seriously, at least a week.
 I am feeling better each day.  Don't even always have to use the cushion, now.
 In more fun WIPs, 100 day is coming Friday.  I'm ready with eyes and a couple of T-shirts.  WD is taking care of his own this year (yay!) So I only have to help two kids.
 I'm working on a couple of store samples again.  Big Blocks above, really pretty fabric.
And Yellow Brick Road seen here.  This is a really great fat quarter pattern.  Uses the whole thing!  I have a couple of fat quarter stacks that I may save this pattern for.  I don't typically buy 30s fabrics, so this was a little different for me.  E did the layout and the crawling on the floor for me, since I couldn't, and I think she is partial to the quilt, now.  I suppose she can have it whenever I get it back.  In like, a year.
Speaking of 30s fabric, I'm sure that my inlaws have a set of sheets from the 60s/70s with the same green flowers!

 And last, a sneak peak of the upcoming Four-in-Art quilt.  Full reveal February 1st.

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