Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Four-in-Art Quarter 1: Light, Shimmer, Lips!

It's reveal day! Quarter one for Four-in-Art.  This year's theme is Light and our first quarter is Shimmer.

There isn't too much to say about this quilt.

I was rather stumped as to what I should do this time around, so I went to the web and searched on Shimmer.  Most things referred to how a shimmer is perceived - brighter and darker - but one image really stood out to me.

Lips! With Glitter!  So I went with something fun.
(as far as I could find, this was an open source picture.  If I find out otherwise, I'll be happy to acknowledge the source)

I do usually try to do something in each art quilt that I've not tried before.  So this one has printing directly onto fabric - I used my color printer and Kona White fabric.
The threads for quilting were primarily Invisifil because they have a nice shine to them.  The lips were outline quilted with a gold metallic - but its rather lost in the glitter.

I also experimented a bit with some trapunto.

The lips were at first somewhat shriveled

So I pumped them up.  Too much!  The whole quilt was distorted.
A little goes a long way with trapunto.

The shimmer did print fairly well - but I thought I'd go all out for the shine - so glitter it was! A golden tone on the lips and a white "diamond" on the borders.
I took this shot in direct sunlight - trying to catch some of the shimmer from the glitter.  You'll have to take my word for it that this quilt really shines.

I'm not terribly thrilled with my attempts at a facing - the corners need some work.

The fairly boring back.  At least I matched my facing to the backing.  I plan on stitching on my label to hide the trapunto openings.  I barely got this quilt finished in time - so no label yet!

This little quilt finished up at 12" x 12".  I think I'm back to the smaller shape this year - after trying bigger last year.

Please check out all my mates playing along.

Bette Ayers
Camilla Cathro
Elizabeth Eastmond
Janine Green
Nancy Myers
Rachel Riley
Simone Bradford
Catherine                                        knottedcotton


Catherine said...

What I really love about this is the amazing textures - the shimmery lips and the different quilting patterns. They make me yearn to see it in real life!

Betty said...

Like you, Rachel, my search yielded a much lipstick, but good for you to take that and run with it - so, so cool! You have to be pleased with this one - it really is perfect!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

You've really aced this challenge! Congrats! I'm sorry I can't see it in real life :)

Quiltalicious said...

Such a fun project. How did you settle on shimmery lips? What did you do to make the lips shimmer? It has a nice graphic quality to it. Elizabeth has a nice tutorial on her blog for making faced bindings. I've used it a bunch.

Camilla said...

Wow! such fun! The trapunto is so effective and those lips sure do shimmer!
I din't even show the back with my facing! it's so hard to sew the facing down flat and neatly, yours looks fine!

OPQuilt said...

I love, love, love this little quilt with its starlet lips shimmering forward. I think I saw that photo, too, but didn't think I was up to the challenge--you did it magnificently! I laughed when you said the trapunto was too much--just like some actresses' lips with their beauty plumping treatments--it's Hollywood all the way! Terrific quilting, design and execution:a terrific finish!

Nancy said...

Oh, what a project! Love the bling of the glitter. The trapunto really made the quilt (like a little filler to the lips). Did you mount your Kona on freezer paper to send it through the printer? I found many photos of jewelry when searching for shimmer. Great new techniques for you.