Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Four-In-Art: A Retrospective

After the most recent reveal of my Four-in-Art quilt: The Brave Little Tailor, I had a request that it would be nice to see all the quilts from this past year shown together.  Then while I was pulling the quilts, I thought it would be nice to see them all together again. 

 We will start with the very first year of the group.  The first reveal was November 2012. Three years ago!
Our theme for the year was Nature.  Q1: Queen Anne's Lace.   Q2: Tree: If Napolean were a Tree   Q3: Fire: NASA Sun Spectrum   Q4: Owl  You can click on the links to take you back to the original posts. 
 I'm sharing two photos of each group, one with the flash and one without.  Each mode seems to reveal different details of the quilts.  For the most part they measure 12"x12"

 The next year's theme was: Urban.  We did five quilts that year to line up our year of quilts with the calendar year.  I neglected to line these up in the right order.  Do you know why?  Because they still aren't all labeled. That is one of my goals for this winter.  Label everything.
Q1:Maps (lower left)   Q2: Structures: Wisconsin Gas Building (upper left)  Q3: Landmarks: Central Park (lower right)  Q4: Contrasts: Milwaukee Skyline (upper middle) Q5: Lights: Milwaukee Lights (upper right)

 So we have arrived at our most recent year.  This year's theme was Literature, a theme which I found altogether too large and daunting.  So I narrowed it down to Fairy Tales, which helped.
Q1: Little Red Riding Hood  Q2: Cinderella  Q3: The Princess and the Pea  Q4: The Brave Little Tailor

It's been a really fun experience doing these art quilts.  Some things I'd like to try again.  Some not so much.  I definitely have favorites, and some that I don't really need to see again, but I will keep them all.  Even just looking at them all laid out, I can see that there wasn't a lot of excitement about this year.  Just a phase, of course, and interestingly a phase shared with other members this year.

Of course the friendships that I've made through these quilts are worth it all. 

This next year we will continue on, even as the membership continues to change and perhaps even grow.  I am the sort of 'chairwoman' of the group starting now.  Mostly to keep everyone on the same page - no bossing allowed.  Our theme for 2016 is Color (colour, why is British spelling so much cooler?)  And our Q1 theme will be Microscopic.  Quite the challenge.  I am very excited to move forward this year.


Catherine said...

Your quilts are so inventive and imaginative! I'm in awe of your ability to pull something so original out of the hat each time.

Camilla said...

What a great line up! I'm excited honoured (and challenged) to join you next year- looking forward to it!