Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Wip Wednesday 11.11.15

First, let me say that Catherine of Knotted Cotton has shared her last Four-in-Art quilt for this year. (there was some flood delay)  It is a lovely piece of work, go check it out.

On to the WIPs

Now that all the swaps and sent (and waiting to receive one, hopefully not a flake), I am turning to what I want to do.  Some have tos, and some want tos.  

 1. Working on a light and cold blocking layer of curtains for the girl's room.  (The white part in this picture.)  Not really a fun project, but a necessary one.
2. A cozy/pouch for WD's Ipod.  It does have a layer of protection against dropping, but its nice to have a pouch for traveling and the ear buds.
3. I pulled this fabric and paired it with a bag that I want to make from Big City Bags.  I don't have any of the interfacing or hardware yet, so this will be a long term plan.

 4. I am planning to make a few of these boxes as decoration/gifts for a Christmas Tea.  I will try one, first.  The directions say you can make one in an hour.  I am seriously hoping I am faster than that, and assembly line sewing will help make it faster, too.

5. And there are still the pajama pants to get to, and a few quilt tops laying around, but I'm seriously enjoying the fact that I don't HAVE to sew anything.  I even went to bed at 10! last night.  Unheard of!

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Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

Wow you have a lot going on Rachel. I've never found the motivation to make a bag like the one you are going to do. The fabric you have will look great. Good luck with it.