Monday, April 28, 2014

The Last of the Finished Cat Quilts

 OK, the last of the Cat Quilts.

 See that pink background above.  Yep, there was some color run.  Even with three color catchers in the wash.  Its more interesting that some things picked up the red and some didn't.  I think it actually looks OK.  Certainly not bad enough to throw it out or start over.
 The back is very red, and probably where the running color came from.  These are two prints from Pottery Barn that my SIL picked up for me. 
 Red #2.

 More Pottery Barn prints for the back of this one.

Last: Brown.

 I think some of the above cats look rather sickly.
 The back (and a baby!) More grey sheeting.
 Once again, these finish approximately 50" x 60".  All FMQ meander, all machine bound.  ALL DONE!  I am so ready for something else.  You can see the rest of them if you missed the posts *here* and *here*.

 And if you were wondering, these are the cat prints that I have left.  The stack on the left are flannels.  I've got some Laurel Birch in there that I'll save for something.  Part of me is tempted to cut the rest up and sew them together, but I'm pretty done with cats for a while, so back into the stash.


Gene Black said...

If you have some synthrapol wash the quilt again with it AND a couple of color catchers. I had one quilt that had what I call "the red runs" and it took a few washings to clear it up.

Vicki said...

Yay're done! They ALL look wonderful. Yes, color run can be the pits. I used Oxyclean spray stain remover, 3 more color catchers, Tide with bleach and 3 washings, and I had luck. You are right, it looks fine.

Mindy said...

I like the red and brown, too. What a good chunk of quilts you got out of that stack of cat fabrics! Nicely done.

Unknown said...

I just LOVE the cat quilts!!!! How adorable! Do you happen to have a pattern for it? I have a good friend whose granddaughter just loves cats and I have some great cat fabric! Would love to make one for her.