About Me

My Dad used to tell me as I was growing up that I lived a "charmed life".  Then I grew up and married a Riley - so now I guess you can say I'm "Living the Life of Riley."

This blog is my place to comment on my life as a Wife and a Mother of Five Fantastic Children.  It is also a place where I can show off my creations and also share some recipes.

I've been sewing since I was a child.  I had a great Mom who taught me how to sew and also how to go about doing a myriad of other crafty things.  (I never did learn to crochet, though) I have discovered that I am a much happier person if I can do a little bit of creating every day.

As for the cooking; When I got married I really wasn't the best cook.  However, I do believe that if you follow good directions and use the best quality ingredients, anyone can be a great cook.  Also, the more time I've spent following recipes, the better I have become at cooking without them.

So thanks for stopping by, I hope you'll stay for a while and chat.