Friday, November 17, 2017

Gridster Blocks Update

The good thing about having regular readers of this blog, is they ask me questions when I mention something in a post and I realize I have been remiss in keeping some things updated. 

So, the Gridster Bee. After checking my posts, the last time I talked about it here was May - because it was my month!  So let's do some catching up.

There are 12 of us participating, so a Queen Bee for each month, asking for a block or two in their chosen colors and pattern.

 In January Susan asked for New York Beauty Blocks.  You can check out her blog to see what she did with them.

 In February Sherri asked for Pineapples.  The one on the left is hers, the one on the right is mine for my sampler.

In March, Elizabeth asked for Piggies. (The top one is mine)

In April Nancy asked for block of her own design.

 In May I asked for paper pieced Bees.

Here they are all together. 
June was Mary's turn and her block was Confetti Stars

 Here is my unsuccessful first try!
July was Carol's (IG carolanngillen ) Patriotic Star

August: Debbie (IG littlebirdquilts ) asked for houses from the Moda Be My Neighbor blocks.  We each did the block corresponding with our month number.

In September Simone asked for blocks she called The Grand Tetons, which she designed herself.

For October we were actually sent the fabrics to use in the blocks by Leisa (IG leisabplocher)  Her parents had been missionaries in Africa and had collected the various fabrics for her.

November's blocks were for Lisa (IG nymblefyngers)  Bright Christmas trees on black or white backgrounds.  She is adding to a previous project.  I got these done and sent early - in September.

We have just one more month to go. 

As the year has progressed I have made a sampler block for myself in my own set of fabrics to commemorate each month's block.  It started because I knew I'd need practice for that New York Beauty block, but practice is good, and I thought a sampler would be great.  Here are my blocks so far.  I will probably make more, but I didn't want to run out of fabric until I knew what everyone was asking for.  That is why the patriotic star only has one star, not double. I'm sure I'll make more stars....

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Four-In-Art: That's a Wrap

 It was an amazing run.  5 years of creating Mini Art Quilts.  Each quarter or so a different theme.  Elizabeth at Occasional Piece Quilt got us started those years ago.  I was just happy to play along.  We had some change overs of various members, but all have had fabulous contributions along the way.

This post is to recap those years and quilts.  I do not love them all. (what do I do with them!!??)  Some I had actually forgotten about until I was gathering pictures for this post.  

The first year: Nature: 2012-2013

Year 2:Urban:  2013-2014 This year we did Five, to make our year match the calendar

Year 3: 2015 The Overall theme this year was Literature, and we all did our own things.  I ended up doing children's stories.

Year 4: 2016 Color 
This year we decided that the quilts didn't have to be 12" x 12"

Year 5: 2017 Light

It was really great to be a part of this group.

It is really great to be moving on to other things.

2018 is going to be a sabbatical year of sorts for me.  I've finished up pretty much all of my committee obligations for various activities.  I am only going to participate in one quilting thing next year. (Gridsters, yay!).  With the 5 kids being very involved in many activities and none old enough to drive yet, I am main taxi driver.  I also have things "around the house" I want to get done.  (I shampooed carpets last week.  That makes me happier than you will ever know)

And selfish sewing.  Things that I WANT to do, not the things I feel like I HAVE to do. 

Thanks for reading this blog of mine.  I'm hoping to be a little more regular with it.  I also really need to do some maintenance on it!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The 2017 Lighthouse Legacies Quilt Show

I'm finally ready to sit and blog about the show itself.  

I entered 6! quilts in the show. 

 The Ultimate Geek Quilt won a Third Place ribbon in Applique Bed Quilts, machine quilted, self.
The Fish In Sea, Efficiency (a Four-in-Art quilt) won a First Place ribbon in Landscape/Pictoral
And the biggest surprise of the show for me, The Minecraft quilt won a Third Place Ribbon for Pieced Bed Quilts, machine quilted by self.  I had to take this one off a bed, wash it and lint roll like crazy to enter it.  I just wanted kids to see that quilts didn't have to be all flowers and butterflies.
Also entered: Central Park
Feathered Christmas
And my Hobbit House.

I was very pleasantly surprised to win three ribbons!  And frankly on quilts that I wouldn't necessarily have expected.  I know lots of people are afraid to enter shows or get critiques of their quilts, but I've never received comments from a judge that I did not agree with.  Often I will get only positive comments, but still not be a ribbon winner.  Some of it is personal taste of the judges, and sometimes there are just quilts that are better than mine, even though mine technically didn't have any problems.  I'm really hoping that our next show in a couple of years, I can help with the judging.  I'd love to hear what the judges have to say.

On to quilts by others:
A friend of mine entered some quilts and a bag.  I've got pictures of her two First Place finishes.
A perfectly pieced and quilted Lone Star.  This was the same category as my Minecraft Quilt.
And a gorgeous hand appliqued Japanese Taupe Bag.

The following are just quilts that caught my eye.  There were about 240 quilts in the show, and no way did I take pictures of them all.

 I was highly amused at the two Fancy Forests.  One in color, one not.

 A fun Halloween quilt from one of our newer members.

 Loving the fall feeling from this quilt.

 Left is Best of Show.  She fussy cut all the pieces and hand sewed the entire top.  Right is best Longarm quilt.  Spectacular piecing as well.
 This one was in the group category.  I like the "ghost" houses in the quilting.
 This one was in the youth category.  Amazing.  I think 14-17 y/o.
 I'm seriously in love with two color quilts lately, and plan to do something about it soon.  This red and white sampler was stunning.
 Left was the "best home machine quilting" and right was best hand quilting.
 And a little art inspiration on the way to the bathrooms.