Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Spider Web Quilt, A Flimsy?

Back in October I talked about the class I took and shared how far I'd gotten with the blocks for this Spider Web Quilt. 

Really I just had a pile of blocks.  I didn't get a chance to get the design "wall" up until well after the holidays and figure out a layout.  Upon which I decided I needed MORE blocks. 

I finally got them made, and a layout that I liked, and very slowly I've been getting them put together.

 I finally have a "finished" top, but I don't think I'm actually done.  At this point it is only 50" square.  Not quite big enough for a comfortable lap size.  I'm not interested in making more blocks.  I think I will look for a border or two.

Option 2 is to fold it up for a few years :)

Don't worry, I'll try not to do that.

Monday, April 15, 2019

The Keeping of Bees Quilt

When I sit down to write these posts, sometimes I am stunned by how much time passes between working on various projects. 
I finished the top for this quilt in July 2018!  (after receiving the blocks May 2017!)
 And didn't touch it again until February. 

Messy pile of trying to plan the backing.

Lots of supervising help here to make sure the back is done and big enough.  Cats, dogs and children!
As I was pin basting I found this mismatched corner.  I did unpin and fix it.  I was planning to enter it in a show, so couldn't have this in it!
All pinned and ready to quilt.
My new favorite way to mark straight quilting lines: A solid tracing wheel.
I found mine at a thrift store for $.50
At this point the center and the wings were done.  Time to do the bodies.

Finished quilting
Woot, and a finished quilt.  I really need to find a place to hang it.  It is too large for my quilt hanger that I have in my stairway, so I will have to find a new location in the house.  Still working on it.
Many thanks to my bee mates who helped make this possible!

Here it is hanging in the show.  No awards, which is fine, because there wouldn't be a quilt show with out quilts. 

Friday, April 12, 2019

Gridster Bee 2019 Jan - May

The Gridster Bee has continued into its third year here in 2019.  A few change ups in the players, but I'm still partcipating.  
A run-down of the bee blocks so far.

In January Carol (carolanngillen on IG) asked for Christmas Trees from a pattern by @centerstreetquilts  I was happy to oblige with 3 blocks.  They were pretty small and quick. 6" squares to be exact.

In February, our ringleader Elizabeth, asked for houses from a pattern of her own design, Merrion Square. She's got her houses already sewn up into a quilt top.   Check out her website for her quilt top and pattern

 In March Marsha asked for some twisty flying geese.  You can find her at Quilter in Motion.  The paper pieced patterns came from Piece and Press

I was actually early/on time for April - sending these off a week ago.  Patriotic Friendship stars for Nancy at Patchwork Breeze  You can see some of the other blocks she's received, along with her EQ mockup of the finished quilt. 

 And finally, I know its not for a few weeks, yet, but May is my month.  I think it is the best month to bee Queen Bee, since its also my birthday month, so its like getting presents in the mail all month long!
 I'm asking for these star blocks, pattern can be found *here* made up in Christmas colors.  One of my goals is to have a Christmas quilt for each bed in the house.  This will help me get another step closer. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Si's Award Winning Quilt

Let's pretend it hasn't been a month, shall we?

We shall.

Every spring The Crazy Quilters Guild in Mukwonago, WI has a quilt show.  Sometimes I enter, sometimes I just attend.  Over Christmas I asked the kids if anyone wanted to make a quilt for the show for the youth categories.  The caveat is that for this show, the kid has to do ALL the sewing and quilting.  

Si said he wanted to.

 We visited "Mom's fabric store" and he chose the above fabrics.  He definitely had a vision.
 I did do the cutting.  The rules didn't mention the cutting..... Si laid it out. 
 Sewed all the squares.  We did a pillowcase finish, so that he could tie his quilt on his own.
And a third place ribbon for the boy!

The quilt has been washed and currently resides on the boy's bed.  A win all around. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

A Pair of Doll Quilts

 Once again, I've been doing a lot more sewing than blogging. 

I think the trick is that I'm going to have to schedule blogging into my week when I'm planning everything else.
I stitched up and finished a couple of doll quilts.  They are both left overs from a top that I've still got sitting waiting to be quilted.  I know the fabric is Bonnie and Camille, I can't remember the line.

Besides the happy mindless sewing, plus using up things that I enjoyed.
 I also used them for warming up on my free motion quilting.  Its been a while ( a looong while) since I've done any FMQ and I am working on some more special quilts for gifts and a show, so this was good practice.
 As you can see above, I gave them to Mini for her two American Girls

They are roughly 20" x 23".  I machine sewed the binding.  So much faster!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Negative Positive Violin Quilt - Published Quilt and Pattern

I've Got NEWS!!

One of my quilts has been published in a magazine.

Specifically: My violin quilt.

Specifically: Homespun Magazine (out of Australia)

 Look there it is!
The beginning of the article/pattern. 

It's been almost a year since they contacted me about publishing the quilt and the pattern.  Perhaps you remember that I originally made a version of this quilt in 2016 as part of my Four-in-Art group. You can read about the original version *here*

Well, thanks to a little bit of attention that the quilt got on Pinterest, Homespun contacted me about publishing the quilt and a pattern.  The original had a couple of flaws that I didn't want to send in for photos, so I made a new one from scratch.  It also helped me in writing the pattern, I could write as I actually did the construction.  The new quilt is also a bit larger than the original.

It was a very fun adventure, and I'm so glad I can finally spill the beans and tell you all about it!

Tomorrow I will have a giveaway to celebrate!

Thursday, January 31, 2019

A Few Random Projects on a Thursday

This post is to document a few of the projects I've done lately, but none really require an entire blog post.

 I've been diligently cutting up my scraps into usuable pieces.  Squares mostly. 
Sometimes I do it just to do some cutting, pulling things from my bin, but usually its after pulls for projects, I'm trying to clean up as I go.

 Has anyone else tried the thread from Hobby Lobby?  I picked up these to try because they were 50% off, and as much as I love my Aurifil, I also like a good deal.

 I did some heat transger vinyl projects for our school secretary (and E's volleyball coach).  She asked for the Avenger in Training to announce her pregnancy.  It was pretty cute.  I made the other ones just for fun as an early (first) gift. Their family are huge Marvel fans.

 I mentioned that I had a bunch of buffalo plaid flannel.  I also had some fleece remnant from Joann. I made the middle three pillows for the girl's room and E made the other two from kits from our trip to Iowa. last spring.
 I also whipped up a pair of sleep shorts for E.
This is a piece of vinyl on Mini's brush.  She has the same one as her sister, but her sister refuses to share, especially after an incident of lice last year.  They are Wet Brushes.  They work very well on my girls thick and wavy hair.