Pre-Blog Quilt Gallery

This page is a showcase of quilts completed before I started this blog.  They are in no particular order.  Enjoy!

Christmas Quilt (my first)
Butterfly Quilt for my Niece
Hearts & Stars for friend's baby

Celtic Kitchen Quilt
Cross Quilt for Handbell Table

E's Baby Quilt

Constellation Quilt for Nephew
Trip Around the World Quilt for Niece

Lu Bu Dragon Quilt for Keepsake Quilting Challenge

Slouch Bag - Judy Zolzer Levine Pattern

Hobo Bag - Judy Zolzer Levine Pattern

WD's Baby Quilt - Jewel Box Pattern

Queen Size Quilt for Mother-in-Law

WP's 'Baby' Quilt - My Own Design

Log Cabin Variation - Gift

Flannel Star Quilt - Made for friend's Baby

Baby Quilt for Friend

Baby Quilt for friend

Watercolor Quilt for Friend

Flame Flower Quilt - My own design

Frog Log Cabin for friend's baby

Flannel Cheater Cloth - For Sister-in-Law

Friend's baby quilt

Jungle Animal baby quilt for friend

Pinwheel quilt for niece

Some of the quilted stockings I've made for family over the years
Wisconsin Hearts & Ohio Stars for my Step-Mom

Witch Quilt - Made for Keepsake Quilting Challenge

1 comment:

julie said...

I love your quilts. They make me want to start quilting again!
Thanks for the emcouragement!