Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Sun Fire Reveal: Four-In-Art

 Let me introduce "Sun Fire" my latest Four-In-Art Quilt creation.

She finishes at 12" square.
I used 13 different colored fabrics and 10 different kinds of fabrics to create this Sun.
I was directly inspired by this picture from NASA.

 You can find the picture and lots of information about it at NASA's website.  I should mention here that NASA has a free use policy on their photographs as long as you're not selling anything.
 I free motioned the 'rays' coming out of each color with corresponding thread.  Except the gold.  My machine would NOT FMQ with metallic gold.

 The back.  I may even like the back better than the front.....

 Come back tomorrow and I'll share how I went from this crazy stack of fabrics to a completed Art Quilt.

Also, make sure you stop at Elizabeth's Blog, OPQ, Leanne's Blog, She Can Quilt, and Betty's Flickr Page for their reveals.

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Betty said...

Rachel, the more I look at this mini the more I like it - it just sings out somehow! I wondered how you came upon this idea so thanks for sharing the NASA mention. And yep, the back is just perfect! Great job!

Leanne said...

I love it! It is a great representation of your inspiration picture too. I love how it suggests the diversity of the things that make the stars or the world and that they are all parts of what makes up the light.

Regina said...

The back of this piece took my breath away!!!! It really captured the essence of the sun for me.

OPQuilt said...

Brilliantly executed, marvelously expressed. I like how you branched out of our usual cottons, and went for different textures, reflections, and variety of fabrics--a true art quilt if I ever saw one.

I think your quilting really shows off the radiance of the sun, as we are the beneficiaries of all its rays and warmth and sunlight. I like that you chose the sun as your fire inspiration--it really is the primal fire in our universe.

Bravo! Such a terrific quilt!!

:) Elizabeth

Maree said...

The FMQ really makes this quilt. I love the back too.

elizabeth said...

This is so beautiful and creative....nice quilting too : )

Leigh Anne said...

This is stunning and the fabric on the back is absolutely perfect for a sun :)

Sarah said...

I love it! Great idea Rachel and well executed. Very clever!