Tuesday, April 30, 2013

This, That, and Other Things; Guild meeting review

Last night was our monthly guild meeting, which I attended not fully knowing who or what the speaker was about, but I was not disappointed!  Ethel White is a local quilter (from Milwaukee) who started her quilting adventure in 2003 after seeing an exhibition of the Gee's Bend Quilts at the Milwaukee Art Museum. She told us that in her first year of quilt making, she made 35 King Size quilts!  Astounding.  Ethel also makes many 'Folk Art' style quilts, which is what last night's presentation was about.   Follow this link for her gallery, it is a visual treat.

During Ethel's presentation, she mentioned another quilter, that I had never heard of (I don't think anyone in the audience had either).  Albert Small.  And you thought today's interest in hexagons was crazy!
 This was his first quilt!  Follow the link above to read his history and see his other quilts.  Astounding! 
On a slightly related note: I have finally made myself a name tag to wear at our guild meetings.  I forgot it last night, of course.  Fine: $.50.
 Tomorrow is the reveal for the next Four-In-Art Quilt.  Mine's done.  (enough said)  I am most looking forward to our next theme!


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Regina said...

YAY! for new nametags!