Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sun Fire Quilt Technical Side

 As I said yesterday, I was completely inspired by this picture from NASA when the announcement of the Fire theme was made.  I fairly quickly got a print made and just adored it for a while.  As our (original) deadline approached I went ahead and drew out a pattern and began collecting fabrics.
 I initially wanted a different kind of fabric for each color, it didn't completely work out, mostly because I didn't want to spend a ton of money on this project.  Or end up with huge leftover pieces of random fabrics.
Here is my final stack of fabrics.  Left to right, pink silk shantung (might be polyester found at thrift store), gold lame, yellow knitted slippers, brown lambs wool, grey knit, green acetate lining, emerald satin, blue polyester tie, black knit, turquoise, red and orange/yellow quilting cottons, mauve tulle.
I interfaced most of them and cut them into 2.5" squares.
The tulle I layered onto muslin and FMQed it down.  Then cut my squares.
Following my pattern and picture I got them laid out and sewn together.  Because of the various weights and thicknesses, I feel my piecing is lacking.
I used a glass bowl as a cutting guide with my rotary cutter.
It is a 'typical' quilt as it has a backing, batting and top layer.  I appliqued the circle down through all the layers with a zig-zag stitch and clear thread on top.  Aurifil black on the back.
Full Confession: At this point I wasn't loving it any more.  Still loving the idea, not loving the execution.

I went ahead and did all the quilting lines, matching each square.  At this point I still wasn't in love, and shared my progress with my fellow quilt artists.  They encouraged me to keep going, and really, who wants to start over? This was last Thursday night. So I put it away until Monday.  Pulled it out.  Trimmed it up, applied the binding and hanging pockets and called this one done.



Leanne said...

I really love the inspiration for this piece and the execution!

Can't Stop Stitchin said...

Fantastic Creativity! Good for you. Thank you for sharing, it is inspiring.