Thursday, January 12, 2012

Flannel Quilt - Done!

This is one of the pre-Christmas projects I was working on, but couldn't fully show.
 A quilt for Mr. Riley.
 The two panels are a vintage flannel with British Soldiers given to me my my step-mom. (See this Post)
 I didn't want to cut the fabric up too much, the more seams, the more you lose, so I went with the two panels.
 I purchased the blue and red flannels for the borders.
 I added flannel from my Stash to finish the back.
 Mr. Riley complains that my quilts are 'nice, but not warm'.  So.  I bought 8oz polyester batting for this baby.  I don't know what I was thinking!  Flannel stretches, and 8oz is really thick.  Therefore, lines aren't particularly straight.  The quilt probably isn't very square, either - I haven't checked.
But hey, it's warm, he likes it, and check out that loft!

The Details for those who care, and my future reference:
68" x 76"
Flannel front and back
Straight line quilted
8 oz poly batting
Hand bound


Anonymous said...

I bet its warm and wonderful to curl up under.

Elaine M said...

The red looks great with the sky blue!

Anonymous said...

I've used that heavier batting before and yep, it's like a big thick layer of snow that floats above you. But it is warm and cozy! Mine eventually softened up a bit after a few times through the wash. I like those vintage panels--clever way to use them. Well done, well done.

(Sometime it would be fun to see a close-up of your label.)

Amanda Jean said...

it looks great! i hope your husband enjoys his cozy new quilt!

thanks for linking up to finish it up Friday!