Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WIP Wednesday 1-11-12

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced
 What am I working on this week?  I picked up Si's quilt again.  I would like to be done before his birthday in March.  I bought some white swirl dot fabric to offset the blocks.  It's really hard to see in the pic - sorry.
 I have started cutting pieces for my friend's baby quilt.  This is a Ruby Layer Cake from Moda
 Some white on white leaf swirlies for contrast
 Flannel for the backing.
 Here are my practice hexagons.  Lots of set in seams.  Don't look too close! (that's why its called practice)
 And for kicks and giggles I basted this wall hanging I found in the Stash. It is a Daisy Kingdom print.  Should be an evening or two of quilting.  A nice distraction from cutting and piecing.
What are you working on?

**I meant to get this post up so much earlier today, but we were without electricity for about 14 hours.  Fortunately it was today - 50 degrees and sunny - tomorrow is supposed to be wind and snow.  

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Anonymous said...

These are all very cute, but I must admit I'm really drawn to your practice hexagons and the bold patterns of the stripes moving through the top. I'd love to see a whole quilt of those. Excellent work!