Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Duck Obsessions: Drake Lake Quilt

It started in early spring with WD. He started the infatuation with ducks. 

I came home one day and he had done all the research on raising ducks. 

So we decided to give it a go.
They are actually easier than chickens in quite a few ways. We started with 10 ducklings. Lost one to a hawk, and just put one in the freezer. We will keep 4-5 in total for eggs.
I will have to get updated pictures, because they are actually full grown and white now.
So, then, one day while I came across all the fabric, half pieced blocks and book for this quilt. I finished it and quilted it and just gave it to my duck obsessed boy.
I had to finish sewing the ducks together, they were already pieced. I then made all but two of the reed blocks. All with the bundle that had come together. 

I hope the woman who stated this is would be pleased to know it's done. 
Hard to tell, but this duck is made of sparkly fabric. Just fulfilling the vision....
I pieced a white duck for the back, since ours are white Pekins.

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