Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine Quilt

My second finish of the week to show you today.

 A fun little Valentine's Day Quilt.
A while back I won a scrap bag from Cindy at Live a Colorful Life.  Well, let me tell you, it was more that just scraps!  There were two charm packs in the bundle as well!  This was one of them.  It is Sweet Hearts by Moda.  A nice little pack of 35 charms that went together in a snap.  I fused and appliqued some batik polka-dot hearts on and then went to town on the quilting.

 The thread is a variegated cotton by Gutterman.
 I traced hearts in the middle of each block and did a meander between them.  Short, sweet, and simple.
 I actually got the whole thing quilted and bound on Sunday.  It was the perfect Sunday at home with the family, just hanging out and really resting. 

Mr. Riley even made a strawberry pie!
 I made the crust, he did the rest.

 I almost forgot my most exciting part of the project.  I have always liked the ease of a binding completely sewn by machine (for some projects), but I always screw up the corners.  Well, I decided to hand sew the corners, then machine sew all the way around the binding.  Happiness. Joy.  Nearly Perfect Miters!

 It was the perfect fast and easy (and free) project.  The backing is a couple of cotton scraps from my mother's stash.  Cotton, but very lightweight.  See-through, really.  Bound in the same batik as the hearts.
Finished up at 22" x 30".
 Hanging out in the stairwell with the Ombre Quilt!
 Oh, and today's pictures are a horrible combination of flash and yellow.  This is our current weather forecast.  Crazy, I know.  Hoping for a break in the clouds to get my next finish photographed.

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