Wednesday, January 30, 2013

WIP WED 1.30.13

Here in WI this morning, we're waiting for the rain to turn to snow.  It is dark and dreary.  Therefore, the pictures are as well :(

What am I working on this week?  You've seen my two finishes, so far.

 Memory Quilt.  Full Post Here.
 Valentine Quilt.  Full Post Here.
 I made this tote bag yesterday.  I've been wanting to make one for carrying the violin books to lessons ever since I got the fabric from IKEA.  The bag is fully lined and I used a black cotton duck on the bottom to keep it a bit sturdier and cleaner.

While I was working on the tote, my daughter called me on the fact I wasn't working on her quilt.  So I have officially started the fairy quilt.  It is already causing me more grey hairs.  I am starting with the printed panels.  They are not printed on grain.  They are not even printed straight.  And they are not all the same size! 
 The girl is home today with a cough and fever.  Our family has been sick with variations pretty much since Christmas.  Its getting old.

I'm really hoping to get the Pioneer Sampler Quilt photographed to share it tomorrow.  I think there may be some clearing in the skies once the snow is gone!

And Friday is the Four-In-Art Reveal.  The one for Friday is "Tree".  Mine has been done since Sunday!  I can't wait to share it, and see the others!

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doodlebugmom said...

I am in southwest WI and I bet we have 5 inches of snow already, and its not even 10:30am. I drove to work in it, was awful. I kept wanting to turn around, but I couldn't see and was afraid I would get stuck!

OPQuilt said...

I have a real gripe as well, with fabric companies that print their panels off grain. I know we are all in the mechanical age and all that, but it's really hard to feel good about using them when they are off-grain. I take heart in the fact that they'll be quilted down and won't be able to shift.

Congrats on your finishes! And stay well, and warm--we are warming up this weekend after a SoCal cold snap. We don't have warm clothing here like I did when I lived in DC, so we feel as cold although I know really we are a bunch of babies when we say it's freezing (it's not). You have my sympathies!