Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Karamozov Quilt - Tulane Windows Quilt

I dubbed this Windows Quilt the Karamozov Quilt because as I was piecing it a few months ago, I was listening to/reading The Brothers Karamozov.  Everybody needs some good Russian Literature in their lives now and then!
 The fabric is the Tulane line from Connecting Threads.  My favorites are the tapestry ones.
 I did some 'barn door' quilting on the rectangles and some fairly random large zig-zags on the background fabric.
 I put a sleeve on it, since it will be a class sample, and who knows, maybe it will need to be hung.  Easier now than later.
For now it's in the living room, being used.

The stats: 49" x 57"
Cotton batting
Black  Coats & Clark cotton thread quilted on top
Black Gutermann Polyester thread on bottom.



Betty said...

Rachel, great looking quilt - you did a wonderful job on it!

Leanne said...

This is beautiful, I really love the different fabrics you used, especially the background one.