Monday, November 26, 2012

What I've Been Up To

18 yards of binding.

Let me apologize for not being around this space and replying to emails and comments.  My computer got quite bogged down.  In fact it was taking me over an hour just to upload pictures.  So I found myself busy with other things.  Fortunately my in house tech guy got things moving again for me. 

I was originally going to talk about binding last Wednesday, but seeing as I'm still at it, I'll share what I've been working on.

 Blue binding for the mitten quilt.
 Green binding for the Christmas quilt.  Hoping to get in on my bed by December 1.
 Green binding for December Calendar - another one to finish by the end of the week.
 Brown binding.
 And making labels!
 I am really looking forward to this week.  I feel like we've gotten a 'free' week before the official start of Christmas, Dec.1.  My goal this year is to really enjoy the season and my family and not freak out about deadlines and projects. 

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