Thursday, November 15, 2012

Our Sewing Spaces

I've been thinking lately about my process of creating.  Mostly about why I have so many projects going on at a time.  A commenter yesterday actually put this in perspective for me.  She said the projects are 'cyclical'.  That's exactly it!  Its not that I have a short attention span, my many projects are a reflection of different stages of the process of making quilts (or whatever).  A lot of this right now has to do with my role of mother of four kiddos and where I do my sewing.
Let's take a look:

 I sew on the dining room table.  Convenient, large and in the middle of my house.  I can even add one more leaf to the table to make it longer if I need it.
 I have views to the kitchen, handy for sewing and cooking!
 This is just another corner of the dining room.
 Views to the living room.  As an aside, I have discovered that if I put the 'needs to be ironed' laundry on the ironing board, I'm much more likely to just get it done and hung up, and then move on to my fun projects.
 Looking down the hall to the bedrooms.

As you can see I really am in the middle of things.  This is good in a lot of ways.  I can always see/hear what the kids are up to.  I can sew with them or while watching them, or even squeeze in a little while cooking.  If I had a true 'quilt studio' or some such I would never feel like I could actually go and sew.

Now, its not necessarily ideal.  My sewing mess lives in the middle of the house.  My fabric is mostly in boxes in the barn and garage.  If we have company, I have to clean up everything and put it away.  But it works for now.

As to why I have so many projects at once?  Its a time/space issue.  If I am ready to baste a quilt, I have to carve out at entire evening, clear a space either in the kitchen or upstairs in the new garage, clean the floor and then go to it.  I can't do it during the middle of the day because of family traffic.

However, if I want to work on something, it doesn't take as much time or space to cut out some pieces, or sit and piece at the machine.  And all those parts can be done in small time chunks.

So there you have it.  That is how/where/and why I create like I do.

Now, let's try something.  I signed up for Linky Tools for my free month!  Share your sewing spaces with me!  You need your picture to be online - either a blog post or a flickr account, or something similar.

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