Friday, October 5, 2012

A Friday in Fall

 Getting some (more) pumpkins this morning.  Don't judge me for going to the garden center instead of a cute pumpkin patch.  We've already done that trip.  These are just for decoration - and a good deal!
 The view down our road.
 At the end of the driveway.  Sorry about the square.  Didn't want to show off my address to the world.
 Some of the leaves this year are just dead and brown. 
 Spring/Summer meets Autumn.
*sigh* Still working on this.  Almost done quilting the center.  Then to decide what in the world to do with the borders. *sigh*

Yesterday peaked in the 70's.  So far I don't think we've reached 50 today.  The kids didn't understand why we needed coats to get pumpkins.   Many of the leaves have been coming down off the trees.  There is a noticeable difference in just the past couple of days.  I'm starting to think there won't be any leaves left by the time we make it up north this year.  Better for bird hunting, I suppose.

I think I'll go make a pot of tea and work on the above quilt.

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OPQuilt said...

Okay so I picked my pumpkins up at Super Walmart. So you should feel pretty good about yourself going to the garden center.

We go to Super Walmart about twice a year, but a new one opened up and my husband wanted to see it. I fell in love with one of the multicolored pumpkins near the produce section and yes, it went home with us.

I hate thinking about borders. I've about decided that those quilters who do borderless quilts are on to something. The center looks beautiful!

I'm off to do some quilting, too.

Elizabeth E.