Thursday, October 4, 2012

Windows Quilt in Ruby - Finish!

Well, for once in my life I am way ahead of schedule!
  This Windows Quilt is for the class I'm teaching.  In March!
 The back is flannel.  E helped me pick it out.  There wasn't quite enough of the pattern, so we added a stripe of plain turquoise down the middle.  This also gives a plain area to show off the quilting.
 The fabric is Ruby from Bonnie & Camille from Moda.  The squares are left from the layer cake bought originally from this hexagon quilt.  The white is left from that quilt and from Si's Windows Quilt (the original).  I did go out and purchase the turquoise berries for the sashing, which was (and still is) in clearance at the LQS.
 I did Free Motion flowers all over the quilt. 
 Finished size is 48" x 55".
E asked a while ago if she could have it.  I waffled at the time, but yesterday surprised her by putting it on her bed.  Big gut squeezing hugs for that one!

A pattern is in the works.  As soon as I figure out how to draw the diagrams.


LindaCrochets said...

Beautiful quilt. You can definitely see the "windows". Love them!

Sonia B said...

Lovely. Those quilted flowers are perfection. Well done.

Mary Johnson said...

I LOVE seeing the Ruby in a totally different format. Beautiful!

Cathy Tomm said...

Sweet quilt. I love the flower quilting you did.

Annie said...

Beautiful fabrics and a great pattern to show them off

Gemini Jen NZ said...

Fantastic work! Cool colours and I love the daisy quilting.

Cindy said...

Beautiful quilt. Did you quilt from the back to be able to see your pattern?