Monday, September 17, 2012

Blue And White HST Quilt Finish

How about a quilt finish today?
 As I was getting ready to write this post, I realized I never named this quilt.  Oh, well.  It is given, and off to it's new home in North Dakota.  The happy couple is definitely going to need quilts there!
 Lets call the finished quilt 'queen size'.  I never did get it measured after trimming, quilting, binding and washing.  I do know that I had to go buy a King Size batt, because my first queen size was not quite long enough.  The top with the borders was 92 x 111.  This is a picture of it draped on my queen size bed, while I was debating about adding more quilting.
 I did.  Wavy lines along the seam lines, and straight lines in between.
 I quilted it to emphasize the diamond layout of the triangles.  The color of the back fabric isn't quite true, the name is 'denim', and it really is a darker blue.  The light coming through the quilt, really lightened it up in these pictures.
 A closer view of the quilting.  The blues on the front are a whole variety of blues that I either picked up at the LQS in fat quarters, or ordered in bundles from Keepsake Quilting.  I could probably make two more of these with all my blues....

The back is from Connecting Threads, one of the sale fabrics.  It has a small print to it, they almost look like little puzzle pieces.  Kind of looks like an old fashioned calico, now that I'm looking at these pictures.  But it worked pretty well for the back.

For once I didn't go overboard with the quilting.  Tried to keep it simple and soft.  I did learn that you can't eyeball long straight lines!  I tried to in the border.  I spent 1.5 hours picking out the quilting.  Lesson learned.

Anyway, much love to the happy couple.  I am now on the search for a new violin teacher.  Uggh.


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Deborah said...

What a beautiful quilt! And your quilting is perfect. Your quilt looks lovely beneath your header!

OPQuilt said...

It's always suprising to me what an impact quilting can make on a quilt--even the more simple types like one wavy line then a straight line. I really like this combo and should steal it right away. It lets those wonderful triangles really stand out, and doesn't obscure them.

So beautiful.
Elizabeth E.

katie@stvital said...

This a great quilt!