Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Daughter Sewing

Today I have to brag on my daughter a bit.  Today she turns 9!  That means its been almost 10 years since we started the pregnant, baby, children adventure.  Unbelievable.  She's been mentioning lately that she'd like to make another quilt, or sew something.  So the other day, as I was looking at her small square blue pillow (Oma got for her years ago), I realized it could use a pillow case to make it look a bit nicer after all the years of use its gotten.

 The pillow in place with a new birthday present.
 Ellie sewing last night.  (I think I need to clean my camera lens!)
 After it was all done.
 I told her to go pick out a piece of cat fabric from the 48! yards I had still in the box.  I did the figuring and measuring, while showing her how.  She did the ironing and sewing.  Pretty snazzy!


Naturally Carol said...

Wishing her a happy birthday and congratulations for finishing a very fine looking cushion!

OPQuilt said...

This little pillow is made all the better because it came from her own hands. My daughter treasures the quilt she made at 17, and even though we both now can see the wear in it, she'll never give it up.