Friday, July 6, 2012

Seven Quilts - Number Four - Pansy Quilt

 This one didn't turn out very big, so will have to go to a little one.  It started as a way to use up my leftover blocks from the Barn Raising Quilt I'm working on to show at guild next month.  I guess this is a sneak peak.  I then added borders to make it a bit larger.  Just an all over meander quilting on this one.

 A pretty solid piece of pansy fabric for the back.  Final measurements: 36"x36".

 Today's tip:  If you have a fabric that is quite light, such as the outer border on this quilt, you can use stabilizer to help it hold up.  The fabric was 100% cotton, but very thin and flimsy, so I just ironed on some light stabilizer and used it in the quilt.  It still softened up in the wash, and this way I know it will hold up better over the long run.

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