Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Inspired by Boston

After our family trip up north, Mr. Riley and I headed to Boston for three days.  He conferenced and I toured.  With a quilter's eye I found many interesting architectural details to take pictures of.  It sort of brings to mind the chicken and the egg question.  Did the motifs appear in quilts first, or other places?  Are they just generally pleasing to the eye and that's why they are so popular?

Anyway, if I had much time to spend I could do a whole series of quilts inspired by Boston.  Unfortunately I'll probably just have to look at the pictures.  Which, by the way, aren't the greatest.  We decided to leave the 'good' camera home and just use cell pictures.

 The lobby floor in the hotel.

 Brick work at the Tremont Temple.  Originally a theatre, now a church.

 Commemorating the first school in Boston.
 Baptist Fan vent cover.
 Carpeting in the hotel.
 Floors in the Boston Public Library.

 Brick work on the sidewalk in front of Trinity Church.  Square in a square.

 Inside Trinity Church: Flooring

 Baptist Fan stained glass in the doors.
 Cathedral Windows - appropriate, no?

 More stained glass.

 Back to carpeting in the hotel.

 Our wallpaper in the room!
 Half square triangle 'quilts' in the subway station.  I love how they get more modern/abstract down the row.

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OPQuilt said...

Love these photos. I do the same thing (as well you know) but I chalk it up to our skills as quilters--we see possibilities in all things.

That one medallion carpet in the hotel seems to rise out of the floor. Very cool.

Elizabeth E.