Monday, July 16, 2012

Vacation Recap

Hello!  I am back.  In person!  I feel like I've been away from this space forever.  It was nice to have all those posts queued up for you guys while I was gone.  Now back to the daily (lack of) routine.  Since I didn't hardly do anything fabric related while I was away, AND since some of my readers are family - here is a photo heavy post of our family trip 'up north'.

 The friendly neighborhood cat stopped by and spent a lot of time visiting.  One of our nicknames for E is the 'cat rancher'.  She can tame any cat.
 We spent every single day at the beach.  I have never been up north when the weather was so perfect for swimming everyday.  The temps of Lake Michigan were running in the 60's and 70's.
 Because of the lack of rain, the water was quite shallow for a long ways out.  Perfect for little swimmers.
 Obligatory burying of child in sand.
 Little Diggers.
 The water was quite calm most days as well.  Great for boat riding.
 Our dog absolutely loves the beach.  He's a great swimmer.
 Sand castle.
 We drove north to the Lake Superior Shore in Grand Marais one day (I want to retire there).
 The beaches are rocky and the water is cold.  But on an 85 degree day, definitely bearable!
 We had an absolutely wonderful time.  One of the best and most relaxing trips we've had. 


Liz DandeliondD said...

Gorgeous holiday picks.
It looks so lovely, even more so because we are have the wettest, coldest, most horrible summer ever here in Hastings, England xxxx

OPQuilt said...

So lovely. It makes me want to push away from the sewing machine and head to the beach today. But I will persevere!