Monday, November 14, 2011


As my pastor often says "Confession is good for the soul, but bad for the reputation".  Well, I've got a confession today.  I have too much fabric.  Way too much.  So much I don't know/remember all that I have.  That's not good.  I've been in a cleaning/purging mode lately in the house, and when I was out looking through all (10 boxes or so) of fabric for 'whites' I realized I have too much fabric.

Now, let me say its not entirely my fault.  When my mom died, I got her stash and added it to my stash, because I had already been apparel sewing.  Add in a year or so of working at Jo-Ann's (can you say discount?) and then venturing into the quilting world, I have too much fabric.

So what?, you ask.  Well, I think I've decided a couple of things.

One: Use stuff up.  Part of this will be to churn out as many charity quilts as possible.
Two: Give away/donate what I'm not going to positively use. For example, I found a pre-printed crib accessories piece of fabric.  I'm not interested in making them, and cutting them out for another project - probably not.
Three: Try really hard to not buy fabric unless it has a very specific purpose.  I thought about saying I wouldn't buy any more fabric, but then I'd just be lying :).

So to that end - I have been 'stash busting' like crazy.  Some random projects have been finished up.  Like these stockings:
I must have started them years ago when I made stockings for the whole family.  These didn't make the cut - in fact they weren't even completely assembled.  Now at least they are what they are supposed to be - where they end up, who knows, but at least they'll be out of my house!
More stash busting projects coming up this week.


Pat said...

I feel your stash pain! I inherited my mom's stash and have a good bit of my own. Funny, I've been making stockings out of stash too. Great minds think a like! :)

felicity said...

I hear you! I bought another quilter's stash and promptly fell out of love with just about all of it. Oops. Gave some away, sold some (try Craigslist), and used some for backings. Good for you for doing an assessment/purge. It feels good!