Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Luigi Overalls & Hat

Mr. Luigi here was a part of the using up of fabric.  And also using a pattern I already had. In the past I used Simplicity 4832 to make vests and a skirt for E (way back).  This time I used it for the green overalls.  It was nice to follow a pattern for once and not have to make stuff up.

 The green for the overalls was from a Peter Pan costume two years ago (pre-blog).  The fleece for the hat was left over from last year's dinosaur costume.  The hat was from the pattern as well.  Just a circle with elastic around the edge and I added a brim.
I'm thinking of using the pattern for some corduroy (from the stash) overalls for the younger boys.

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Ethan and Moriah said...

Too cute! I love having costumes on hand for the kids to play dress up.