Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Felted Wool Wrist Pin Cushion Tutorial

So I've wanted a wrist pin cushion for a while and had been looking around at ones that others have made when I realized how easy it would be to make one out of one of my felted sweaters.
I started with this sweater (already felted)
As I was looking at it, thinking about the other project I wanted to do with it, inspiration hit me.
Cut bands out of the sleeve to make the pin cushion!
The first strip was the binding.  Don't need that.  The next strip I cut about 2.5 inches.  This is the part that goes around the wrist.  The next strip is about 2 inches.  This will be the pillow/pincushion part.  The beauty of wool felt - no hemming/finishing needed!  The fabric is soft and stretchy, and wool is good for your pins and needles.
I turned the cushion part wrong sides out and sewed the two edges, leaving space to turn.  I turned it right side out and filled with fiberfill.

I hand stitched the opening closed.  (Wool felt is great, it really hides the stitches)  Then I hand stitched the pillow onto the wrist band.
So now its done and ready to go to work.
When I got this finished I thought it would make a nice birthday gift for my stepmom, so I jazzed it up a bit with some beading.
(Wow, you can totally tell the color difference between the night and day-time shots)

So since I gave this one away I had to make a new one for myself.  I'll show you that one tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

She's right, I love it and it works great.. even has a little "bling"...;)