Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Felted Wool Purse

When I bought this sweater, I was only looking at it as 100% wool - good for felting.  But after it came out of the dryer, the yarn and beaded pattern remained and still looked great.
So I stared at it for a while, trying to decide what to do.  The first two things I made were wrist pin cushions (posts coming later).  Then I was thinking purse, so I deconstructed the sweater.
I just cut along the seam lines and took out the zipper - which I kept.  It was a nice separating zipper.  In the future, I will remove them before felting, though.
Then I trimmed the patterned pieces into two even rectangles. (8.5 x 5.5").

I cut three pieces from the plain red. (2-3.5 x 5.5" and 1-8.5 x 3.5").
Then start assembly of the box.  Because it is wool felt, I decided to do external seams for a little extra texture.  This means sewing 'wrong' sides together.  And I also think it helps the purse stand up a bit better.

At this point you can start work on the lining. Cut the same size pieces as the outer purse.  Back each piece with a heavy weight iron-on interfacing and assemble those pieces into a separate box.  This time I did right sides together for hidden seams. (In hindsight, I would have lined with black, I think it would have looked a touch nicer)

Next are the handles.  I cut two long rectangles from the red felt.  About 9 x 2". (It was as much as I could get from what I had left).  Fold the strips in half the long way and sew a seam.  Then pin the handles on the RIGHT side of the bag - UPSIDE DOWN.  (It took me three times to get this right.  It was late and I was tired.)
It should look like this, but on the RIGHT side

Next, put the two boxes right sides together, pin and sew, leaving an opening to turn.  Make sure the handles are tucked inside.

 I top-stitched around the top, to help keep the lining down.  I also tacked the lining to the outside at the bottom corners.

And....Cute Felted Wool Bag for Fall/Winter!

I posted this on Sew and Tell Fridays.  You can check it out here.


Unknown said...

love it... looks like it'd be a good Christmas present? Hint, Hint, (JOKING - sort of )

Haylee said...

Your purse turned out great.

carol said...

Turned out really cute

Laura said...

I love this idea! Now I have to search the thrift shops for a sweater as cute as that one!

Leslie said...

this is so clever and pretty...great finish

Kim D. said...

Your purse is adorable and very clever.

Nina... said...

That is a great idea. The little purse turned out lovely!

Rene' said...

Great purse. Very clever! Thanks for sharing!

SchoolMarm said...

So making at least one, maybe 5 or 6.....!