Thursday, September 16, 2010

Wrist Pin Cushion #2

This is the pincushion I made for myself after giving the first one away.  (Anita, if you're reading this and like this one better, we can swap.)
You can see yesterdays instructions for the wrist strap part.  
For the cushion I traced around a glass from the kitchen and cut two circles.  I attached the lace to one circle and stitched it in place.
Then I layered on the second circle and stitched, leaving an opening to turn.  I mark my starting and stopping places with two pins, otherwise I'll just keep going and forget to leave the opening.

I turned it right side out, stitched it to the wrist strap and put it to use!
And of course the funniest thing: even though my pins are right there on my wrist - I still find myself looking around for my pincushion!


Unknown said...

I love the bling on mine, so I'm a keepin' it!

Mary Johnson said...

Good idea! I know my mom would have loved something like that when she used to sew.