Wednesday, November 16, 2016

WIP Wednesday 11.16.16

How about a WIP Wednesday.  Actually, I feel like everything lately is a WIP.  I recently saw someone musing on the difference between a Work in Progress and a UFO - Unfinished Object.  For me the WIPs I'm actively working on - the UFOs are sitting in a box somewhere.

Anyway - since I'm not using my sewing machine this week due to some electrical work, I've been prepping things.
 Cutting scraps from The Mine Craft Quilt into squares- and putting the rest away.
 Basting one,
 and Four quilts (so far).  The three double pinwheels are all cut offs from This Quilt in March.

And I've cut out this shirt. This shot is of the wrong side of the fabric.  The right side is much brighter - it may be saved for Christmas, even though I had originally thought Thanksgiving.  Of course, I may not be sewing by Thanksgiving....

What are you working on?

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Summer said...

Looking pretty ♥