Friday, November 18, 2016

Really Random Friday 11.18.16

 A bit of randomness today. 
I didn't use my sewing machine at all this week once the Falling Charms quilt was finished.  Our breaker box was failing, so we were low on electricity, plus lost water and heat for a few days.  Fortunately the weather has been unusually warm and everything was officially fixed yesterday afternoon.
I've been cutting out and basting things.  I'm ready to get quilting!
 A few short weeks ago a friend asked if I was interested in what she thought were flower petal fabrics from an older gentleman at church who had lost his wife.  I said I would take a look at them.  This is what it was! A pre-cut kit from the 1930s.  It was complete!  Never touched.  It had been opened out of the original bag and put into a ziploc, but even the original bag was inside. 
 These are the pattern and instructions.  You'll noticed they called it a Friendship Circle, rather than Dresden Plate. I had originally thought I would go ahead a piece it all, but in talking with a quilt historian I know, we are thinking it might be of more value to leave it as is.  We are investigating what to do.  If you have any knowledge or suggestions, I'd be happy to hear them.

 I picked up the Mondo Bag pattern.  Looking forward to making one, once I decide on fabrics to use...
 Also in regards to vintage fabrics - a lady of the quilt guild passed away and many of her items were set out for guild members to take home if they were so inclined.  I picked up the above fabrics - gave them a very thorough wash and airing. (grrr mothballs)
 And finally, this is Juniper the Apocolypticat.  She had been wandering our neighborhood for 2-3 weeks, without a home.  A neighbor drove up our driveway 2 Saturdays (tomorrow) ago to see if she was ours.  The girl's father wouldn't let her keep the cat.  I said we could keep her and if anyone was looking for her to send them our way.  No one has shown up, yet.  She is a clean 6-9 month old calico.  Sassy, though.  Has a lot to say and gets quite mad that we won't let her outside, so I suspect she is a barn cat that wandered off. She has gained quite a bit of weight since we got her, too.  Our other calico is not amused, and the big black cat doesn't care too much, unless she gets too close. The house does seem to be big enough for the three of them, at least, and she is even getting used to the dogs.

She is sitting in an open window this morning. What I am sure will be our last for a while, temperatures are going to drop later today and we will finally be seasonal. 

Have a great weekend everyone!  I'm looking forward to getting my sewing machine set up again.


Regina said...

I bought that Mondo Bag pattern ages ago and haven't started it yet. I will be keeping a close eye on your progress. I think I have a mini version too or either bought the same one twice!

Unknown said...

What a sweet looking calico kitten. We have had several calico kitties. I hope she works out with your family. We have two rescue cats that we love very much. It is always a dilemma to know what to do with old fabrics. Good luck.