Wednesday, October 5, 2016

The Minecraft Quilt - A Finish

 We finally had a sunshiney and dry day.  Actually it was more like a few hours, so WD and I ran out and took some photos of the finished Minecraft Quilt.

Loki the Dog decided he wanted to be a part.

 Stupid Dog.
 Anyway, WD is pretty pleased.  He drags it around and uses it all the time.  His is a twin size bed on a top bunk.  This quilt is plenty big.  Pretty much queen size. It may be the last quilt I ever make him.  (probably not)
 The Creeper   You can see in the darker areas that I did sort of a wonky square free motion shape.
 Sugar  I originally thought I would hate making this quilt.  I think I mentioned before that my original plan was to do the individual squares.
 Treasure Chest    Once I figured out how to do it in strips and did all the maths, it was like a fun puzzle to put together.
 Crafting Table   This was one of the more piece-y ones, but still fun to do.
 Steve   He was the easiest.  Big pieces.
 Diamond Pick Axe
 Furnace  I liked making this one the least.  I think it was all the shades of grey.  Grey, Gray and more Grey.  Bleh.
 Stone Sword

I used a huge variety of fabrics.  I started out with a pile of Handsprays by RJR Fabrics.  Then added from my stash whatever worked.  Lots of batiks and some solids.  I like the look of the batiks and handsprays more than the solids, personally.  Gives it a more dimensional look to me. There are also some tone on tone prints - and some of the fabrics I turned over to use the back!

WD specifically asked for these blocks.  He tells me for the most part they are the "basics" of the game.  OK, kid.  Whatever.

 His other favorites are green and Charlie Brown, so a fun pieced back.  Mostly from the stash.  Some of the Peanuts fabrics came from someones destash on IG

All the thread used in this quilt was Aurifil. Both the piecing and the quilting.  Love that stuff and so does my machine.

The batting is two layers of Pellon cotton.  It is a very thin cotton batting and I wanted a warm and squishy quilt. I got a good deal on a roll of it, but now that I'm at the end of it, I'm not sure I would buy it again.

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OPQuilt said...

I loved this whole post: the quilt (awesome to the nth degree), the smiling boy, the goofy dog, the details, the quilting, the backin, and most of all your fun narration. I have a big smile on my face...congratulations on a fine finish!!