Monday, September 19, 2016

Bristol Renaissance Faire 2016 Revisited

I know I've already done a few posts on our visit to Bristol RenFaire, but we went for a second time on Labor Day.

 In the past it used to be free for children on the last weekend.  It was not this year, but we went anyway.  And, I made a completely new costume for myself, since everyone else had their costumes done and ready to go.

 So much to everyone's surprise, myself included, I made a corset and a new skirt using the McCalls costume pattern 6911.
The details: The corset is a fabric from Joann Fabrics Casa line, and I lined it with a quilting cotton!
It also has boning, which I had never done before, so I enjoyed the challenge and it seemed to have turned out OK.
Here's Matilda showing off the outfit outside today.  Since she is red, I put a t-shirt on her so you can see the corset.
I had to apply a total of 20 gromets.  Corsets are sort of a "thing" at RenFaire, all shapes and sizes of ladies can be found wearing them.
 The skirt is paneled with an invisible zip in the back.  (I know, no zippers in the Renaissance, but hey, no credit cards, either, and the merchants are more than happy to take those!)  I made the skirt out of a sort of suede look-a-like.  Our local Joann was closing to relocate, and clearing out everything, so I was able to get some good deals.
 I even added beaded trim, which I was able to get at 70% off.  Otherwise, I'm not sure I would have considered it, that stuff is expensive!  The pattern tells you to line the skirt.  I didn't bother.  It was full and heavy enough without the lining - especially for wearing midsummer.
 I did, however wear my crinoline slip from my wedding!  It's one of those things I've debated for years about whether I should keep it  or not, so finally 20 years later, it has new life!
 My mom did ribbon embroidery on it for my "something blue".
 I should also note that this guy changed up his look for the second trip.  No more barbarian, just a "pheasant" (peasant).  These were items already in the costume pile.

 So here's me and Mr. Riley.  We celebrated 20 years of marriage this summer.  Love this guy!

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