Saturday, July 16, 2016

Renaissance Faire 2016: Elf

 The elf costume was pretty easy this year.  In years past WD has chosen costumes that made him uncomfortably hot.  Dwarf, Gandalf, Gandalf again, Radagast (apparently never blogged).  This year I encouraged him to choose something cooler.
 I made the sleeveless tunic from a linen-look fabric and view C from Simplicity 1552
 And pajama pants out of a green jersey knit.  I bet he was one of the most comfortable people at the faire.
 Of course, as with most projects nothing was perfectly easy.  I bought the linen before deciding on a pattern (I know, I know).  So then I obviously didn't have enough.  Went to the store, matched my sample piece and after washing discovered they were actually not the same.  Fortunately I had more than enough of the second fabric.  I was able to use one piece that I had already cut out, as the facing.  But I now have one piece already cut for the tunic.  Back into the stash, just in a funny shape.

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