Friday, September 16, 2016

Quilts by Grandma

 As I mentioned recently, my grandmother turned 100, and is a prolific quilter and sewist.  As part of her birthday celebrations, I put together a slide show of as many items that she's made as I could.  I won't share all of them here, but I will share the things she's made for our family.

 E's blue and white quilt.
 Two Peek-a-boo Teddy quilts.  One for WP and one for Mini.

 Small star table topper.
 She made these monthly calendar quilts when I got married.  I lost the December one.  I think it might be packed with Christmas items, somewhere.
 This quilt was on my bed as a child.  There is also a matching pillow sham.  Sunbonnet Sue or Colonial Lady.
 Elephant quilts.  One for WD and one for Si.

 She also made this lovely afghan for my wedding.  The back looks as good as the front.
 This one is one of the fought over ones.  It is a flannel sampler.  No batting, but a flannel backing, as well.  Super cozy.


Needled Mom said...

Great quilts. She really was prolific.

Unknown said...

What a wonderful display of creativity. I love the bears and the elephants. My daughter was pregnant with her daughter while in Thailand so elephants became a theme and your elephant is one of the cutest I have seen. i think I will incorporate the bears in some of my next baby quilts. Congratulations to your grandmother. What a heritage.

Regina said...

I made the Peek a boo Teddy quilt for my first born!!! I have fond memories of that quilt.