Tuesday, September 1, 2015

WIP Tuesday 9.1.15

The one where I lose my mind.

I told you I had an epic To Do list.  Here it is.  Projects and dates.  All within the next 8 weeks.

 I have Six samples to make from this Nancy Halvorsen book to make. 
Ship date no later than Sept. 20.

 All but one are applique projects.  Fortunately none are terrible big.  Right now I've got them all Wonder Undered and cut out.  Time to fuse and applique.
 I want to get this quilted for the Guild Show in October.  Due date: October 14.
 This is my mini for the Bee Still My Heart Swap.  It is done (save for label).  Thank goodness.  Just need to put together the extras.  Ship date: No later than Sept. 30.
 Here I am playing with background options.  I call this "A Cuppa with the Queen".  It will be a mini for the Tea Time swap I'm in.  Again, ship no later than Sept. 30.

 Minnie is for our Guild Challenge "50 shades of gray".  Right now it looks like Mickey in Drag.  Due date: Sept. 28.
 And then there is the guild challenge for the show.  And I can't find the original fabrics.  Insert maniacal laughter here. 

So am I crazy?  Probably.  Will it all get done?  Probably.  In reality I can let the two challenges and the Modern Tree quilt go.  But I don't want to.

Add in now that school has started we have school, volley ball, two in soccer, two in violin, one in viola, one in cello, one in piano.  And the occasional baseball practice with the team to keep up on skills. 

So I hope you will be patient.  I will blog as I am able, and my days are a little more free, as I just have one cutie at home. 
 First day of school (August 26).  Kindergarten, 5th grade, 7th grade, 3rd grade.
 I'm off to cut and fuse.


Kathy H said...

Wow, you have a lot to do, but some started at least. I have the let it snow book and I want to make all of those projects. Will love to see your samples when done. Good luck to your kids in school. It was always an exciting time here when they started school again.

OPQuilt said...

So much to do, but when I see those great-looking kids of yours, well. . . you can rest on those laurels for a while as you've accomplished Quite A Bit! Happy Crazy Sewing!

Regina said...

I had a breakdown last week after I started thinking about the projects I have due in the next month. Why do we do this to ourselves Rach??? I have a modern quilt on Stevie's frame that is wonky and won't quilt out! If I were a cussin' woman that quilt would have gotten an earful by now. So I write all the above to say, I feel your pain.