Wednesday, May 6, 2015

WIP Wednesday 5.6.15

 Over the weekend I ran out of handwork projects.  For Real!  That has to be a first for me since I started making Hexies. 

 You see, I finished up the embroidery on my wisteria quilt.  Onto the quilting.
So, I printed out the rest of the papers that I will need for my hexie quilt.  400+ more.  Yes, I print and cut them out.  Guess what?  I figured out that the whole miss-sized issue was a printer percentage problem.   The 1600 hexies that I have done are actually .95 inch.  Hah!  Not a full inch.  At least now I know why the last 400 didn't fit.  They were an actual inch.  Believe it, or not, that makes a difference in EPP!
In between things I've been working on a couple more samples.  All you get to see is the back.... :)
Next up is some bindings

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Unknown said...

You have beautiful quilting! I love the combination of the quilting and embroidery!

Renee said...

Your wisteria looks wonderful! Coming along so nicely. .05 x400 adds up! At least you figured it out, that sounds super frustrating!