Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Crayon Challenge: Wisteria: Finish!

 You guys have been watching this little quilt come along for quite a while now.
Seen various stages of the applique, and then the long process of outlining each of the petals with a stem stitch.
Well it is finally all quilted up. 

As you may remember, I was given a crayon, the name of Wisteria, and my quilt had to be mostly that color to match the crayon.  I decdided to go literal with the name and searched for images of wisteria.  I settled on this one, mostly because of its simplicity and balance.

The quilting is relatively straight match stick quilting.  Or maybe even toothpick quilting....
I had originally planned to do an overlay of lavender sparkly tulle and then quilt over it all, but the feed dogs on my walking foot shredded the tulle, so I unpicked about three lines and started over without the tulle.
The top quilting thread is the clear poly from Superior Threads.
Bobbin is Bottom Line, also from Superior. 
 If you look closely, you will see there is a thin line of green next to the binding.  I added that after all the quilting and binding to pull the bright green from the middle out to the edges.
 This is how the quilt looks ready to be turned in.  The crayon has to be attached to the front.
 And a label on the back. 

Happy to have another have to do project, done.
BTW, all these crayon challenge quilts are up for silent auction.  I always watch to see if someone buys mine, otherwise I will.  :)

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