Thursday, March 5, 2015

Blue And White Quilted Bag

Catchy title, eh?

 I've decided my current favorite way to use up small pieces of patchwork is to make bags!  I made these blue pieces into a small rectangle ? years ago.  I can tell you where (up north) but I don't really remember when.  The patchwork rectangle has been floating around since then, with me having no idea what to do with it.
 After last week's patchwork bag success, I decided to follow up with this one.
 Again, two layers of batting.  I did a three step zig zag for the quilting stitch.  I actually don't love it.  I feel that I probably should have done something more curvy, but done is done.
 I just love the lining fabric.  So soft and pretty.  And I even went ahead and put in a pocket.  I did not do a ring tab this time, though.
 The handles are quite wide, which works, I think.  It's a fun little bag.
 I didn't do a separate piece for the bottom, just boxed the corners.

Fabric: Who knows?  It was a scrap bag I bought for $1.25 a few years ago up north.
Batting: Pellon cotton, two layers
Thread: Coats & Clark White cotton quilting thread
Dimensions: 10" x 3" x 12"  Handles: 21" x 2"

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Mindy said...

I just love the look of this one! The colors are bright and cheery and very versatile. But I'm also a bag lover...can't really go wrong. =) Doesn't it seem like you often just need a slightly different size than what you have available? ;-)