Monday, November 24, 2014

2 More Charity Finishes

 Last Friday I shared two of my latest finishes.  Here are two more.  These are also extras from the 100 blessings quilt.
 Purple and patchwork.  Finished up at 34" x 44".  I did a large overall meander on this one.  Quick easy and since the batting was pieced a bit, a good way to hold everything together. 
 The back.  Also pieced a bit.  I am so glad to be using fabrics up and passing them on.
 This one is mostly made from fabrics I had.  I started with the fish and seaside fabrics and added the batik, blue. and yellow.  This one finished at 35" square.
 I did a bit more detailed quilting on this one.  Just for fun.
 I had picked the baking up at a local thrift store right before my fabric fast.  I think I paid one or two dollars?  Someone had obviously used it to make a Hawaiian shirt.  I think its super fun.
 The question is what are these weird things hidden among the foliage?

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