Friday, November 21, 2014

Finish It Up Friday

Why no blog posts lately?  Because I've been finishing things, people!  I finished six quilts in the past week. Six!  One of them from start to finish!  OK, so none were particularly large, but I'm happy and they are done.  So today I will start by sharing two of them, because they are similar.
 See?  Same pattern and practically the same fabrics.  As you recall, I was given lots of fabric when I made the 100 blessings quilt.  I even shared the quilt tops that I was able to complete with all the extra.  Now they are all quilted up and ready for donation.
 The top one finished up at 33" x 41" and the bottom (blurry) one is 41" x 52". 
 I quilted them both the same, a curvy stitch along each seam line.  I think it gives it nice stability, openness for softness of the fabric and its super easy and almost mistake -proof.
 They each have the same backing and binding as well.  This was a large length of cotton decorator fabric from my mom - it washed up nice and soft for a quilt backing - yay!

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Schulz Family said...

visiting from crazy mum quilts. This is amazing. finishing things is a fantastic thing to do.

OPQuilt said...

You are industrious! I agree about quilting being more "open" for snuggling--it's softer and less board like (I ought to know--I just sewed myself a board!). I also think it mimics hand quilting better, too. Good for you for all these quilts!


Pieced Brain Quilt Designs said...

Lovely finish! Six quilts? Did you ever sleep? :-)

Vicki said...

These are simple and very cute! Love that backing fabric.