Monday, May 13, 2013

Pink Fairy Quilt Finish!

Oh, Happy Day!  Shout it from the rooftops, break open the champagne, sing sweet songs of praise; the Pink Fairy Quilt is Finished!
 I finished the last hand stitches Friday night.  I snuck in E's room and covered her up :).  It was a good morning surprise!
 I used a large variety of threads on this one.  Superior Threads clear and Bottom Line in pink.  Aurifil in both 40 wt and 50 wt (pleasantly surprised by the 50 wt.  It's what I used on the circles).  A pink variegated Gutermann for the outer border.  And not pictured, a light blue poly by Invisifil on the sky portion of the main panel.
Border quilting.
Circles quilting in the pink sashing (E's idea).
Small panel outline traced with clear thread.  This is what really bogged me down on this quilt.  These little panels took 20 - 30 minutes each, because of the detail, and the traveling over already done stitches.
Couple of main panel shots.

 The back.  I even managed to get it really close to centered! 

The details:
Fairy Fabric purchased 2007/2008
Sashing fabric purchased Jan 2013
Top pieced in Feb 2013
64" x 88" Finished Size
Pellon Cotton Batting
Machine Quilted at home by Me!
 One happy girl, and happy Momma, too!

P.S. I do plan on doing a quilt tutorial on the circles and border quilting, so easy, and looks cool!


Sarah said...

It looks great! My 9yo would love it too. You've been very patient with all that quilting. I would have ditch stitched and stippled in the panel background - no outlining. I hate using invisible thread. I always snaps on me. Great finish. Well done!

Birdie said...

AMAZING! I'm not a quilter, but bought some of this fabric back in 2007 at a beautiful quilt shop - I just couldn't resist - so when I saw your quilt on FB, I had to see what you did. Better than I could have imagined... I cannot fathom that you quilted this all at home; I'm just in awe. The sky quilting, the circles, it's all so beautiful!

Queenie Believe said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

claudia said...

What a wonderful quilt! Your daughter is a lucky girl indeed!

Brenda said...

So wonderful! Any girl, big or small would love this!

Sewing Mom said...

So bright and beautiful...wonder what she was feeling when she woke up in such beauty!

Sara said...

I love,love those wavy lines in the border!

stitchinpenny said...

Love the quilt. I made a similar one about 5 years ago and I worked really hard on the highlight quilting - my second free motion quilting project. I can truly appreciate the beautiful work you did here. Brava!

Nicole said...

What a great surprise for E to find the quilt on her in the morning!

Maggie said...

That is really cool.

Anna and Sarah said...

Unique. Just became a member of your blog. Would love it if you followed us back!

Anna and Sarah