Thursday, March 14, 2013

Crazy Cat Quilt Finish

 Once upon a blog post, I may have mentioned that I acquired some cat fabric.  48 yards in fact.  Well, that was split with a friend, leaving me with 24 yards.  (You can see in the un-cropped picture, that it is still very much a winter wonderland here.)
 This post here talks about my insanity in November when I started making these blocks.  I knew I wouldn't get to them with the Holidays coming up, so I put them in a box to be dealt with later.
 Fortunately our guild is doing this UFO challenge and since I did start this last year, I put it on the list.
 I finished the top in early February.  It sat basted for a couple of weeks, but now its done.  I did diagonal lines all across the quilt.  The back is a batik that I also got when I acquired the cat fabric.  Those circles don't lie completely flat, even when greatly ironed, but for a backing, its not bad.  I even seamed it well enough, that I think the seam is invisible.
Finished Size: 53" x 74"
Warm N Natural Batting
Fabrics: A huge variety of cats from whoknowswhere and everywhere.
Baking: Batik
Quilting: Diagonal Cross Hatching with black Aurifil in top and bottom.

 A couple of full-on shots.  Both ended up blurry, though.  I guess my daughter and I move too much.

And its mine!  Mr. Riley says its rather bright to look at, and E doesn't love it (like I thought she might) so it is my very own couch/chair snuggling quilt.

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Heidi Grohs said...

I need a nap after reading this *yawn*! Great great progress!!!!