Monday, November 5, 2012

It's Not My Fault....

The fabric made me do it!

Mr. Riley took the three older kids to his brother's house Sat and Sunday.  I was planning to finish things.  Not start new things!

I was planning a quick quilt (or two) to put on the seat of our recliners.  The cats aren't supposed to be on the furniture, but they like to be naughty. 

I pulled out some charm squares that I got for free from a store up north (more on another post) and wanted to try out a technique I saw in a Fons and Porter Book.

 Basically, you take a charm square.  Cut it in half and insert a 1" strip and sew it back together.  I remember thinking that it would be fine for a few blocks, but exceedingly tedious for lots.

 So I got these blocks sewn up.  Laid them out and saw that it wouldn't be large enough for my plans.  Since it was meant to be for a cat, I pulled out my 'bin o' cat fabric'.  Pulled three fat quarters that matched and sewed them up.  

Then I became possessed.  I pulled out every fabric with cats in the same color range.  And made blocks.  Lots of blocks.  Somewhere around 200 blocks.  
 Insanity prevailed.  And I enjoyed every minute of it.

I love them.  I know I will love the quilt. 
I need a new project like I need more holes in my head.
I will have to hide it from my daughter.  She will want it.  
I still owe her a fairy quilt.  And I think I want this one.

Does this happen to anyone else?  Start with one plan and end up with something completely different?



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thornberry said...

Oh, this post made me laugh! I suspect that you'll all be fighting over this quilt. And yes, I do often get overtaken by a new exciting project when there is plenty more that needs finishing (just take a look at my unfinished quilts pile)