Thursday, December 6, 2012

Dolly Quilt

As I mentioned yesterday, I believe I've had these 'blocks' cut out for at least 10 years.  Long enough that I don't really remember them.  I think I started to make a baby quilt, and then realized I had no idea what I was doing. 
So Tuesday, I was going through my sewing cupboard, and these were in the way, so I decided to just get something done with them.  I was so tired of moving them around.

 The blocks were not even or straight.  I sewed them together anyway.  Then decided to quilt with wavy lines.  It helps mask the lack of straight lines in the piecing.

 I found Icky on it Wed morning in the sun.  Just for the record, this is not OK.  Cats aren't allowed on the furniture on our house.  But I did snap a picture before I shooed her away.
 This is the backing fabric.  Age ??? Let's call it vintage. hah!
 These shots are after I washed and dried it.
 Nice soft crinkles.
 The binding was made by piecing all the leftover 'blocks' into a long strip.  I wouldn't suggest doing that.  Lots of seams to sew over.  But I did use up every scrap that was laying around!
 Another shot of the quilting, from the back.
Finished size 16.5" x 19"  Just right for a dolly!
I think my niece will be getting this as part of her Christmas presents from us.
 And here I said I wasn't doing any sewing for Christmas!

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