Friday, December 7, 2012

Christmas Quilt Finish!

It only took 11 months, but its done!

 This picture of the top was taken Feb. 8.

 I employed two munchkins standing on chairs to help me photograph it a couple of days ago.
The squares are all various Christmas prints that I had in my stash.  Mostly from my mother's stash.  I did purchase the red from Connecting Threads.  It turned out a bit more orange than I wanted, but I guess it's turned out all right in the end.
 The backing is also from Connecting Threads.  Sometimes its a good idea to start your Christmas projects in February.  Clearance fabric!
The quilt finished at 87" square after all the quilting and washing.  That's a 3" loss each way.  It is a fairly tight quilt pattern and I used a 100% cotton batting.
 Quilting shot.  I did throw a couple of color catchers into the wash and washed cold.  I probably could have put a couple more in.  I feel like there is a subtle pink tinge to some of the whites.  Not horrible though.
 So, in general, I am very happy with this quilt. And super glad it's done in time for Christmas.  The funny thing, I don't like the way it lays on the bed.  Looks like it has weird spider legs going down the side.

Today is the last day to enter the Giveaway Day.  You have until 7:00pm my time (CST).  I won't be home.  I will either draw names late tonight or else Saturday morning.  Good luck!


Tessa @ TheSewingChick said...

It turned out beautifully, some things are worth the wait. I would love to go to bed on Christmas Eve snuggled under a quilt like this.

Nat at Made in Home said...

It is amazing! Great quilting!

Maja said...

So nice!
Like the quilting!

Sarah said...

Hey, yeah I see what you say about the spider legs. That would freak my husband out. He's the spider hater in our house! I think the quilt is gorgeous and oh so Christmassy. Maybe the red quilting thread gives the whites the pinkish tinge you see? Anyway, it's great. I'm smiling at your struggling munchkins holding up the quilt. This is something I'd do to mine.

Leanne said...

What a fun scrappy star for the holidays!

FiberOfAllSorts said...

This is so great!it looks amazing finished