Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Quilts of Old World Wisconsin

On Sunday we went to a (relatively) local Historical Site called Old World Wisconsin.  They have taken old homes from throughout the state, moved them, and set them up in a way to recreate life in the 19th and very early 20th centuries.  There are many people who work there in full costume, recreating life as it was.  They grow food, raise animals, sew, cook, and clean just as in the 'Olden Days'.

The day really couldn't have been nicer, this time around I couldn't help but notice (and take pictures of) the many quilts in the homes.  Today I've put together a little show for you.  Some are true antiques, and some are quilts that the women at the site have sewn or are currently working on.

Scrappy Quilt in progress
An old Irish Chain - hand quilted
This one is a throw that looks to be mens wool suiting cut in patches, with a thick yarn embroidery around the edge of each square.

Sunshine and shadows scrappy quilt.
With Redwork pillows on the bed.
Diamonds.  This one was tied.  On the head of the bed are deer hides!
Drunkards path was in the Polish house.  Unfortunately it was closed, so this was the best shot I could get through the glass.
Some intrepid woman is English Paper Piecing diamonds into stars.
Gorgeous log cabin.
More patches in progress.

This one is intriguing with the channel quilting and very high loft.  I love the little half square triangle patches.

Not sure if that is a doll quilt or an actual baby bed.
I like how the squares are added in the corners of the 'plain' blocks to add some visual interest.  I'll have to keep this in mind.
Another scrappy quilt.  Stars this time.  This one strikes me as more modern - but what do I know?

 The weather couldn't have been any better!

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Jane said...

Thanks for sharing, these quilts are just lovely.